In the United States condemned the Ukrainian, who for four years was posing as a student

In Pennsylvania, US district court sentenced 24-the summer citizen of Ukraine Arthur Samarina to two months in prison for forging IDs and social security cards. The judge recognized the outstanding achievements of the young man in front of society and nevertheless approved the initiation of deportation proceedings.

Samarin, who came to the United States on his passport, and was then the senior school of the city of Harrisburg named Asher Potts, exposed in February this year. He was only a few months before graduation. By the time he managed to become one of the most successful students at the school and was known for his participation in the charity movement.

Site PennLive notes that the elected judge Sylvia Rambo punishment was more lenient than that offered by attorney Adam Klein. However, next week Samarin have to be in the dock in Federal court, who will assess the fairness of another package of charges, which relate to, among other things, the sexy 24-year-old Ukrainian with a 15-year-old schoolgirl.

The local media found out that Arthur Samarin has received a visa in 2012 and worked in the restaurant Red Robin. His lawyer argues that the use of a fictitious personality made him Michael and Stephanie Potts from harrisburg, which became his «foster parents». In the course of the trial it became clear that Pottsy, which is also charged with the fraud, treated the young man like a servant and made him sleep in the closet.

However, Samarin was «one of the most outstanding students in high school history, John Harris» and participated in many charity projects, helping to provide food for the homeless and speaking out against violence.

In his speech in the court of the second defendant’s lawyer, Clark Madden, said that in the end the young man who ran away from the uncertainty at home, was in many ways the embodiment of those virtues that Americans go to see in immigrants.

Currently, the lawyers contacted the Ukrainian Embassy to prepare for the procedure of deportation. Arthur Samarin stated that it would not object to expulsion from the United States.

Additionally, the story of the virtuous crook caused controversy in society. So, for example, a member of the Legislative Assembly of Pennsylvania Patti Kim has published in social networks a photograph of her in 2014 gives Samarin/Potts award for his achievements.

Classmates of the young man say that for them the exposure was a real shock. Turns out the Ukrainian was a joke, calling him a «Russian spy» accent, but in General it did not cause any suspicion.

We will remind, in 2007 in the United States were asked to accept a massive bill that would enable millions of illegal immigrants to be legalized in the country. However, it failed in the Senate.

Thus, the bill offered illegal aliens to begin the legal process of obtaining a residence permit after paying a fine of $ 5,000 and homecoming. There they would be able to get a special Z visa, which could start making a residence permit in the United States. In addition, the points system, which was also envisaged in the bill, was to evaluate new immigrants, applying for a Greencard, especially by level of education, language and professional skills, not family connections.

In the United States condemned the Ukrainian, who for four years was posing as a student 18.11.2016

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