In the United States began the inauguration of the new President Donald trump

In the U.S., on the Capitol steps, Friday 20 of January began the inauguration of the new 45th President of Donald trump.

The live broadcast is channel CNN.

Poroshenko hopes to continue effective cooperation between Ukraine and USA at the trump

The event attracted tens of thousands of supporters of the tramp and several thousands of his opponents. Despite the large number of people in the center of the us capital, at the moment there has been no clashes between supporters and opponents of the new President of the United States.

As noted by 112 Ukraine, the inauguration ceremony will be attended by religious leaders.

After bringing trump and Pence sworn in from the Capitol to the White House will be a traditional parade. It will take part about 8 thousand persons from 40 organizations, including secondary schools, University orchestras, bands, veterans, first responders.

The first event in the events was a visit to Donald trump along with his family worship in St. John’s Church in Washington, DW informs. It is noted that the protesters tried to block the visitors of the inauguration ceremony of the access control points security. However, their efforts remained unsuccessful.

Donald trump wife Melanie arrived in the White house, where they were met Barack and Michelle Obama. The current and next U.S. presidents and their wives held a brief meeting before heading to the Capitol. They met on the steps of the White house, Obama and trump shook hands, and their wives hugged each other, before to exchange gifts, reports the Daily Mail.

So Barack Obama the last time he left the Oval office of the White house.

Obama also wrote several last as President, messages on the social network Twitter the official profile of the head of the White house. He promised the American people to stay with him as a citizen and believe — «not in my ability to change, but in his. I believe in change because I believe in you.»

At the ceremony in the Capitol arrived also the former President of the Republican George W. Bush with his wife Laura. His father, former President George H. W. Bushand his wife Barbara missing, because they are in the hospital.

At the inauguration of the former opponent have come and Democrat, former Secretary of state and former first lady Hillary Clinton with former President bill Clinton. Arrived and another ex-wife of President Jimmy Carter, Rosalyn.

It is reported that a group of protesters in black clothes during the March in Washington against the inauguration of the trump smash the Windows of shops and cars.

Then Barack Obama and Donald trump left the White house and went to the Capitol where a ceremony of transfer of power.

Master of ceremonies Roy blunt opened the swearing-in inauguration. He recalled the democratic achievements of the United States, and that the tradition of giving the oath of office at the West wing of the Capitol has introduced one of the most popular Republican presidents , Ronald Reagan.

After that, members of the clergy read passages from the Bible and invited them to prayer.

At the ceremony, presidential inauguration, Vice-President Mike Pence has sworn. He uttered a solemn oath in front of the U.S. Congress.

As reported, the speaker Charles Bradnam, commenting on the inauguration of US presidents for the last 60 years, would not comment on the ceremony of inauguration of Donald trump. Instead, the 45th President was elected speaker at the inauguration ceremony of 58-year-old radio host Stephen ray.

The assistant is elected President of the USA Kellin Conway said that Donald trump will present himself as «a man of action who wants to unite the country» in his inaugural speech. She told reporters that trump’s speech to the nation will be «elegant, beautiful, powerful, and short.» She noted that the appeal will be short, adding that trump is «a man of action, not words, and you’ll hear it tomorrow.» Conway stressed that the trump was preparing notes under the influence of the inaugural addresses of former presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.

As reported, Barack Obama on Wednesday, 19 January 2016, held its last press conference as President of the United States, and on 11 January made in Chicago with a farewell speech to the Americans. In his speech Obama as positive change said the nuclear deal with Iran and progress in the fight against terrorism. He also expressed confidence that opponents like Russia and China will not be able «to deal with America’s influence in the world.»

The first solemn event dedicated to the inauguration of the 45th President of the USA of Donald trump, began in Washington on January 19. Note, more than 50 congressmen have said they will boycott the inauguration of the trump.

We will remind, on November 9 in the US presidential elections the Republican candidate Donald trump scored 279 electoral votes. Hillary Clinton has received 218 votes. Thus, it is trump became the new President of the United States.

We add that the Foundation of freedom of the press immediately called Donald trump one of the main enemies of the media.

In the United States began the inauguration of the new President Donald trump 20.01.2017

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