In the Ukraine, a trade Union of workers in Poland

In Ukraine earned the inter-industry Union of Ukrainian workers in Poland which will be helpful to migrants in this country to solve various problems.

This was stated by the Chairman of the inter-branch trade Union of Ukrainian workers in Poland Yuri Karyagin Thursday January 5, reports «UKRINFORM».

«In 25 years of independence of Ukraine — the first such trade Union that protects the interests of Ukrainian migrants abroad. Today come to me from other countries Ukrainians working in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, even call from Canada. So I wanted to say that our relations are expanding, and perhaps we will help our Ukrainians not only in Poland but in all countries where they operate,» said Karyagin.

According to him, now Poland is home to about 1 million Ukrainians. According to preliminary estimates of the Polish side, in the near future the country will need another 5 million workers, so the migration to Poland will only grow. And this fact has forced to unite and create such cross-sectoral trade Union. So, thanks to the help of Polish trade unions at the beginning of last year, the Union managed to register, and in June to carry out organizational duties. Now the structure of trade unions based, but some offices are already active, particularly in Warsaw, Katowice, Wroclaw, Lodz and other cities.

«I try to cooperate with European trade Union organisations, thanks to which we receive the methodical and organizational assistance, as well as with the Ukrainian Embassy in Poland. Sometimes when people cheat, we take away your passport, this person comes to the Embassy, he has no money for photo or for food and a ticket to return home. Then we find opportunities to to decide such questions and to help that person. We also try to make all of our Ukrainians worked legally in Poland, then they will be able to conclude an agreement on labour and on the basis of this contract will have all the social rights, health insurance, and they will go experience,» Karyagin said.

As previously reported, over the past two years the number of labour migrants from Ukraine in Poland has doubled.

In the Ukraine, a trade Union of workers in Poland 05.01.2017

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