In the UK stopped working the last coal mine

In the UK closed the last deep coal mine Kellingley, which was located in Yorkshire, in the North of England, reports «BBC-Russia».

Killingly workers completed their last shift. Just at the mine a depth of 800 metres, which was a company UK Coal Holdings Ltd, 450 people worked. They will have to pay compensation equal to 12 average monthly salaries.

Saturday, December 19, the workers will go out to March, to mark the closing of the mine.

However, in Britain continue to work some coal pits. The programme for the closure of coal mines is carried out with financial support from the state. This is partly due to low coal prices, however, the government’s main objective is to reduce the damage to the environment.

If 100 years ago in the UK worked more than 3 thousand coal mines and over 1 million coal miners, by the beginning of this century, such enterprises in the country is almost gone, and the generating company basically bought coal abroad.

By 2025 the UK will close all coal plants that have no equipment to reduce emissions.

We will note, the Minister of energy and coal industry of Ukraine Volodymyr demchyshyn said that the work of the coal enterprises of Ukraine is unprofitable, and financial losses on a monthly basis is about 250 million UAH.

He also announced plans to liquidate three state-owned mines – those that are hopeless.

Earlier, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has instructed the Ministry of energy and coal industry, Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of social policy to create together with trade unions organizations of the mining Commission to amend the coal industry, which in 2015 will be put on the privatization of 35 state-owned mines.

In the UK stopped working the last coal mine 18.12.2015

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