In the U.S. fixed the transmission Zeke from person to person

In the USA the first recorded transmission of zika virus from person to person. According to Reuters, this happened in Texas, and the state government confirmed that the virus is sexually transmitted. Previously it was thought that carriers of contagion, leading to microcephaly in infants who are only mosquitoes. Even so, the world health organization has predicted infestation up to 4 million people only in South America, writes

The IAEA offers to fight with fever zika, sterilizing mosquitoes by radiation

The centre for control and prevention reported that in the County of Dallas recorded case of human infection during sexual contact with a person sick earlier during a tour of the region, where common fever Zeke.

On Twitter the County building Department notes that the initial carrier of the virus returned from a trip to Venezuela. Mosquitoes in Dallas now, and the temperature does not rise above 19 degrees Celsius.

The BBC notes that this is the first case of human infection by zika fever in the USA.

Cases of zika virus in countries outside of Latin America was recorded earlier — only virus was seen in 27 countries. However, the risk was considered limited due to the fact that the disease itself is not fatal, and (as expected) is not transmitted from person to person. Such a «status» of the disease, among other things, led to the fact that no vaccine or treatment against it is not.

On the eve of the world health organization recognized the spread of the virus zika global threat. In international organizations created a special Department to combat the virus. The last time such measures were used in the time of Ebola.

The zika virus, which became widespread in Latin America, was opened in 1947 in Uruguay. In most cases the disease progresses without any symptoms, so the virus is hard to detect. Outbreaks were reported in Asia, Africa, North and South America, Pacific region. In the Western hemisphere, she now is spreading particularly quickly — the virus has already penetrated the 21 countries out of 55, although in may of last year sick were registered only in Brazil. With this virus, scientists have linked a congenital decrease in the size of the brain and skull, leading to mental retardation in infants.

The IAEA offers to fight with fever zika, sterilizing mosquitoes by radiation

Technology developed in the IAEA laboratories at Vienna, can help in the fight against the spread of zika fever and other viruses transmitted by mosquitoes. According to «Nezavisimaya Gazeta», the IAEA claim that with the help of radiological sterilization of male mosquitoes, the insect population can be suppressed within settlements within a few months and effectively monitored.

According to the head of the IAEA laboratories for the control of insect pests of George Hendrix, «technology is the sterile insect technique» is almost completely developed and tested in several countries.

«For the last 2 years has made great progress, worked through many aspects, but there remain some issues with delivery and distribution of insects in the target area», — he said.

While Hendricks stressed that this method is effective only in combination with other tools in the fight against insects, including chemical.

The expert of the laboratory of Konstantinos Bourtzis explained that proven technology involves the rearing of millions of male mosquitoes in artificial conditions, their sterilization by means of dosed of radiation and further dissemination in problem areas.

According to him, tests in Italy has achieved 80% reduction in mosquito populations and tests in China — its complete elimination.

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