In the U.S. capital have arrested more than 400 protesters against the «money power» in politics

More than 400 people were arrested in Washington during a protest on Capitol hill, organized by the Spring Democracy movements («Democratic spring»), according to Reuters. This organization advocates the elimination of the «power of money» in American politics.

According to the Agency, the campaign took place peacefully and without irregularities, but the law enforcers still decided to intervene and began mass arrests of people for «holding an illegal demonstration». The organizers, however, promised to repeat this action every day for the last week, reports

Democracy Spring called for the purpose of the protest sought to obtain from Congress immediate action for the elimination of the «corruption of big money» and ensure «free and fair presidential elections» that will take place at the end of this year.

«We believe that it is a state for all citizens, and Congress should consider the opinions of the people. We want to protect our electoral rights», — said the coordinator of the movement by Peter Callahan.

According to the Agency, most social movements in the United States associate themselves with a particular party, but Democracy Spring the same negative applies to both the Republicans and the Democrats.

«We see a real populism from both sides. Americans no longer have any desire to tolerate politicians who put themselves up for sale,» concluded Callahan.

We will remind, presidential elections in the USA scheduled for November 8, 2016. The main candidate for the top post in the country by the Democratic party is Hillary Clinton, with a margin of lead over his main competitor — Bernie Sanders. In the Republican race leader is billionaire Donald trump. His eventual victory in the presidential race, many experts associated with the actual coming to power of major banks.

In the U.S. capital have arrested more than 400 protesters against the «money power» in politics 12.04.2016

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