In the textbook from the Ministry of education found discriminatory terminology

The Ministry of education and science of Ukraine laid in the name of the school textbook is incorrect discriminatory terminology. It is reported by information Center of human rights.

In particular, the Ministry of education recommended list of textbooks for use in secondary schools for teaching children with special educational needs there are books whose name contains the words «mentally retarded children».

«Imagine that your child opens the textbook and reads: «a Tutorial for the mentally retarded child» … How do you? Okay, you/us! HIM as? After all, a textbook for class 1-2-3. The kind of kid most likely are not offered. But just postponed that he was «mentally retarded», «somewhere out there». Believe me: each such phrase or even a hint deposited in the child’s mind. After that, the baby may withdraw, thinking that he was «not so», to cry, to worry. And I would’ve cried if my mother brought me a tutorial!» – outraged the author of the blog in Facebook.

In the opinion of the expert on the rights of persons with disabilities Irina the Virtos such terminology is outdated and Soviet.

«When he said this list, officials of the Ministry about the correct terminology, apparently, was forgotten. How to read the Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities, which Ukraine ratified in 2009. This is the main document that contains the terminology. It is obvious that neither the authors wrote the books, nor the officials, which they claimed did not bother to read one of the main international instruments, which is part of the Ukrainian legislation. In the Convention – not a word «about mental retardation,» says the Virtos.

Previously, the public was outraged by the course of «family values», which the Ministry of education suggested schools.

In the textbook from the Ministry of education found discriminatory terminology 23.01.2017

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