In the Svyatoshinsky district court began meeting in which questioned Yanukovych

In the Svyatoshinsky district court of Kiev began the meeting, which must be interrogated in the videoconference mode of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych on the case against five former «berkutovets», accused in the shooting of Maidan activists in February 2014.

As UNIAN correspondent, the meeting started without the accused.

During the court session provided a video link with the Rostov regional court. In this court, judging by the video, are, together with Yanukovych lawyer Vitaly Serdyuk.

As the correspondent of Agency «Interfax-Ukraine», at the commencement of the hearing and establishing a Skype connection with a court in Rostov-on-don with the initiative to postpone the meeting for delivery to the courtroom or communication with the ex-«berkutovets» were made by the defense of Yanukovych.

While Yanukovych appealed to Svyatoshinskogo the district court in all circumstances to hold the hearing on Friday, November 25.

«I would ask you, your honor, whenever possible, to hold the meeting. We have done everything that depended on us with the Rostov court below was. We were warned that there will be provocations,» he said in Rostov-na-Donu (Russia) in the course of video conference on Friday.

«This is my own initiative to testify in this case. This is my own decision. So I’m concerned that the truth be established in this case and was indeed granted me this opportunity,» he added.

Yanukovych also tried to make a statement, but was interrupted by the judge, noting that at present the court is under interrogation.

After a brief speech of the parties, during which it was proposed to postpone the meeting on either 28 November or 2 December in Kiev, the presiding judge announced a break of 20 minutes for approval.

As previously reported, videotapes Yanukovych as a witness on 25 November plan to cover about 300 media representatives. Plenty of accredited Russian media. The ex-President of Ukraine will testify to the Rostov regional court.

The accused in this production are the five former members of the Kiev battalion «Berkut». 18 more are wanted. And seven former officials, including Viktor Yanukovych.

The case of the shooting of 48 people on Instytutska street on 20 February 2014, heard in the Svyatoshinsky district court for eighteen months.

Earlier media reported that the interrogation can break due to the fact that hundreds of activists of the movement «Right sector» blocked the exit from the Lukyanovka jail in Kiev where should take out the former employees of special division «Berkut» to participate in the meeting in the Sviatoshynsky district court of Kyiv on the case of murders of activists of the Euromaidan.

In the Svyatoshinsky district court began meeting in which questioned Yanukovych 25.11.2016

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