In the state Committee told, when the public broadcasting

The creation of a «National public broadcasting company of Ukraine» is expected in October-November, and a full public service broadcasting will become operational starting on 1 January 2017. This was announced by the Chairman of the state Committee Oleg Nalivaiko on the sidelines of the meeting of the Committee of Verkhovna Rada on issues of freedom of speech in Kramatorsk on Tuesday. «UKRINFORM».

«The creation of the «National public broadcasting company of Ukraine» is expected in October-November. At the same time will be a competition for managers: the Supervisory Board should form a new Board, NSTU. That is, first create the company itself, then the leadership is elected. And it is desirable to synchronize the new funding. Most optimal, in my opinion, to this synchronization took place, and January 1, it was possible to earn a full, re-brand,» — said Nalyvaichenko.

The Chairman of the state Committee noted that with the signing on Monday by the President of the Law «On amendments to the Law of Ukraine «On Public television and radio broadcasting» (regarding the accession of the state enterprise «Ukrainian Studio of television films «Ukrtelefilm») unlocked «a few stalemate», when the «Ukrtelefilm» actually sabotaged the creation of PJSC NSTU».

According to Nalyvaichenko, the process occurs in two ways: change the content, working on what NTU, the assignment of a number of company names the public broadcasting service and implementation of the full unification of NTU. Now regional state TV and radio company has been reorganized, after their merger will be approved by the Charter of the United National broadcaster.

«After the start of its corporatization with the fact that to get to the National public TV and radio company. According to our estimates, in October-November we need to complete this work,» — said Nalyvaichenko.

Thus, Balaban pointed to the fact that perhaps too rush not worth it, because at the end of the year will begin the formation of a new state budget for 2017 — it has not turned so that the «public broadcasting was created, but it is underfunded»: «to begin work on 1 January next year is already full, with the newly elected management team, the financing, as spelled out in the law on public television and radio broadcasting, as a separate line in the budget. And most importantly – creative content.»

The head of the state Committee recalled that the law defines the financing of public broadcasting in the amount of 0.2% of the expenditure part of the budget last year.

«This is, approximately, as of today, about 1.3 billion USD. In principle, this budget funding is adequate, it will develop. The only thing that has in recent years been really started, technical issues and now it is necessary to carry out re-equipment. This, of course, not enough money, however, we expect technical assistance from the new television broadcaster from the European partners,» — said Nalyvaichenko.

Separately he pointed to the fact that the former Donetsk and Lugansk OGTRK, which broadcast in the ATO area should be given special attention within NCTU and allocated special funds inside the structure.

Regarding the content of public broadcasting, then, as noted by the Chairman of the state Committee, at its heart «will be European standards.»

We will remind, earlier it was reported that public broadcasting will work in Ukraine from the second quarter of 2016.

The law «On foreign broadcasting system of Ukraine» (№ 2334а) was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on 8 December 2015 and signed by the President on December 28.

The law prohibits the intervention of public authorities and bodies of local self-government, their officials and officers, as well as non-governmental organizations in activity of subjects of the foreign state to establish censorship, preliminary control and illegal influence on the content of the information disseminated by the foreign subjects of the state of Ukraine.

The law stipulates that software, MPIO policy is directed at achieving the goals and objectives of its activities and should provide the audience an opportunity to form their own independent view of events and phenomena. Moreover, it is indicated that NIU should not support political parties or other political organizations, religious organizations.

According to the law, the sources of financing of activity of subjects of public broadcasting can be: funds obtained from the sale of their own television and radio products; funds received from the broadcast advertising; fee for the provision of copyright and related rights; the state budget; voluntary, charitable and sponsorship contributions, donations of individuals and legal entities (except for anonymous donations); other income not prohibited by legislation.

On 6 June the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed the law «On amendments to the Law of Ukraine «On Public television and radio broadcasting of Ukraine» on the procedure of accession of the state enterprise «Ukrainian Studio of television films «Ukrtelefilm».

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