In the sky over Switzerland Board delegations, Putin met the two fighters, Russia sent a note

Fighter jets of the Swiss air force met the Russian plane, on Board of which were the delegation of the Russian President , Vladimir Putin, accompanying persons and journalists, bound for the Peruvian capital Lima for the APEC summit.

As reported TASS, the two fighters appeared, when the plane Special flight detachment «Russia» appeared in the sky over Switzerland, and accompanied him to the border with France.

No incidents during the span of the Russian airliner in the area of responsibility of the Swiss air force has not been fixed, but the appearance of fighter jets in close proximity to him caused excitement on Board.

Plane Special flight detachment «Russia» took off on Friday, November 18, in the afternoon from Moscow to Lisbon, where he was promoted refueling, after which he took a course at Lima.

Putin himself was not on Board, he will arrive in the capital of Peru, another aircraft on Saturday, November 19, in the morning from Sochi.

As explained by the commander of the aircraft, «the practice of tracking of special flights in the airspace of Switzerland there is a long and not unique.»

«This route is regularly accompanied us air force planes in this country,» he explained.

The crew of the Il-96 emphasized that in this case, all actions between Russian and Swiss pilots was approved in advance.
No threat from the fighters, despite their critical approach to Il-96, was not, and the commander did not have to change course or flight level.

At the same time, Russia has sent Switzerland note in connection with the support of the Russian spitzbart with journalists Kremlin pool two air force fighter jets. Despite the lack of threat incidents, the Embassy asked that such does not recur, reports «Interfax».

The Embassy of the Russian Federation in Switzerland said: «We sent the note, which asked for clarification and expressed bewilderment in connection with this incident.»

Earlier it was reported that the Russian air force practiced in the Belarusian airspace air strikes on the objects of Ukraine.

In the sky over Switzerland Board delegations, Putin met the two fighters, Russia sent a note 19.11.2016

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