In the sky over Russia recorded the explosions of meteorites

In the Internet appeared captured on DVRs vehicles records documenting the decline of luminous celestial bodies over the Arkhangelsk oblast during the Christmas holidays, writes

On one video you can see how before reaching the ground, exploded meteorite.

«Yes, indeed, on the evening of 8 January in the Arkhangelsk region in the dense layers of the atmosphere burned meteorite. To the earth he flew. Witnesses saw a flash in the sky,» said a source in the emergency services of the region.

According to him, there are no consequences is not caused.

Another video was filmed on the evening of 3 January from the city of Kotlas, the other — on the night of January 4 on the route from Severodvinsk to Onega, the website Poliksal.

According to these personnel, both bodies were burned in the atmosphere. The authors of the rollers and commentators believe that it was a meteorite, but in fact it was the meteors from the quadrantids stream, which the inhabitants of the Earth can be annually observed between 28 December and 7 January, and this year it peaked on the night of 3 to 4 January, according to the publication portal.

At the peak of the thread can be locked up to 200 meteors per hour, but most of them are fairly weak, and some go into the Earth’s atmosphere at a tangent and again to leave her. The speed of these heavenly bodies is about 40 km/s. Specialists note that most of these bodies are not visible to the human eye.

The Agency FlashNord conveyed with reference to a source in the regional emergency Department, the destruction of the earth and there were no injuries.

Earlier in the Poltava region, near the village of Rozsoshentsi the locals caught three strange fiery object in the sky.

In the sky over Russia recorded the explosions of meteorites 09.01.2017

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