In the SBU said that gave protection Solomatina

The security service of Ukraine provided protection to the former head of the Department of financial control and monitoring of the lifestyle of officials of the National Agency for prevention of corruption (NACP) Anna Solomatina. About this «Ukrainian news» said the Deputy Chairman of SBU Victor Kononenko.

«We took it under protection», – he said.

On 2 December, the people’s Deputy from Blok Petro Poroshenko Moustapha Nayem declared that the security service refused to provide Solomatina security.

14 Nov Solomatina said that NACP falsificare the results of inspections of electronic declarations. According to the official, she and her two colleagues have suggested that decisions of the Agency were initially treated in the Administration of the President of Ukraine.

In NACP said that Solomatina – already former employee of the Department and disseminates false information.

15 Nov Solomatina said that «the curator of the NACP» is the first Deputy head of the Main Department of strategic planning and operational support of the AP Alex Horoshenkov. He supposedly gave instructions to Agency workers through the application WhatsApp.

Horoshenkov denied allegations Solomatina.

NABU began a pretrial investigation into possible Commission by officials of NACP actions to obtaining illegal benefit in especially large sizes. On 17 November, the case was transferred to the security Service of Ukraine.

Solomatin asked about the NABOO guard. The clerk stated that it was guarded by five people. According Solomatina, «no threat», but she is afraid for her life and doesn’t want her in some way pressured. The November 27 NAB have removed the protection from Solomatina.

In the SBU said that gave protection Solomatina 20.12.2017

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