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Doctors one of the hospitals of Grozny did not confirm the assumption of mental illness Stanislav Klich, who is another Ukrainian Nikolai Karpuram judged in Chechnya. About it reports «Kommersant» with reference to data of the office of the Supreme court of the Republic.

«Examination of the defendant Klich was conducted by doctors at one of Grozny hospitals in the outpatient setting, experts have not found any reason to recognize him as mentally ill,» said the court staff.

It noted that the doctors came to this conclusion based not only on the results of their tests, but also taking into account research medical record of the defendant.

«It [Klich] violent behavior at the trial is likely to attempt to escape punishment», — said in court.

The newspaper notes that after the conclusion of the examination the behavior of the defendant in court can be regarded as an insult. procedural Protection, in turn, intends to check the results of the survey Klich from independent doctors.

As reported, doubts about the health of the accused Klich lawyers appeared in the autumn of last year, shortly after the beginning of hearings. According to the lawyer Dubrovina, the defendant had behaved inappropriately and during communication with advocates. For example, for no apparent reason at the trial said the lawyer taps the Dock Islaeva, who defended another accused — Nicholas Karpuk. And once in the presence of his lawyer Klich started hysterical, claiming that he had received the message about the death of his father, who actually was alive.

Avocat Dubrovina sure nervous breakdowns in her client began after the arrest and the illegal methods of investigation by which extorted the necessary evidence, as well as abuse by inmates.

Nikolai Karpuk and Stanislav Klich GUS TFR in the North Caucasian Federal district, blames the killing of 30 soldiers and attempt another 15 soldiers, which they allegedly committed in the squad «Viking» from 31 December 1994 to 5 January 1995 in Grozny. The defendants, acting then on the side of Chechen armed forces, according to investigation, was shot outside the capital of Chechnya, a column of armored vehicles, participated in the defeat of the Maikop motorised brigade near the railway station of Grozny and were defending the presidential Palace.

It is worth noting that in the case of recognition Klich mentally ill could take a completely unexpected turn: built on the testimony of a deranged person, the prosecution would be untenable. In this case, said the defense, in fact there would be only assumptions of the investigators, based on «unsubstantiated witness testimony».

Chief among them — Alexander Malofeyev, who, having concluded a pre-trial agreement on cooperation, told on crimes allegedly committed in Chechnya leader «Right sector» Dmitry Yarosh, the party leader «Freedom» Oleh Tyahnybok and Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk, and also gave the result of the testimony at Nicholas Karpuk and Stanislav Klich.

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