In the river opened a memorial to soldiers of the UNR

In the river at the Cathedral square opened a memorial Cross to the fallen for the freedom of Ukraine to the soldiers of UNR, who were killed in the fighting against the Bolsheviks and ataman Makhno in 1919.

About it reports «UKRINFORM».

«Like almost a hundred years ago, is now continuing the Ukrainian-Muscovite war for the independence of Ukraine. But now we have a powerful, updated army. And together we go to our victory», — said the people’s Deputy Andrey Denisenko, who, together with public organization «Sich» made efforts to have the monument.

The shape of the monument resembles a cross, which was used in awards and symbols of the UPR. It is installed near the place where are buried 14 men of the UPR, who fought in the regiment «Riflemen – Free Cossacks».

The author of the memorial sign — honored artist of Ukraine Garnik Khachatryan.

Social activists believe that the installation of the memorial to the fallen in the battles of the Army of the UPR will be a worthy restoration of historical justice, because the first attempt to establish a memorial here was in January 1919, just after the graves of soldiers. January 4, the day after the fighting with the Bolsheviks and Makhno, the soldiers of the UNR was followed to the grave by his brethren. The funeral procession stretched for several blocks. On the Cathedral square, the site of the grave was a wooden cross, and the community started collecting funds for the installation of the monument. However, the memorial has not managed – after a few weeks the Bolsheviks, after collecting reinforcements, and again occupied lots.

At the opening of the memorial cross against hundreds came together to celebrate the Day of unity of Ukraine. Archbishop Dnepropetrovsky and Kryvyy Rih Simeon blessed the cross and Oleh Skrypka presented against Dnipro March new army «Rodilis mi Veliko years».

Earlier in the hall of Ternopil regional state administration opened a memorial sign in memory of the Heroes of the Heavenly hundred and soldiers killed in the antiterrorist operation in the East of the country.

In the river opened a memorial to soldiers of the UNR 22.01.2017

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