In the Prosecutor’s office said disclosure of the circumstances of the violent dispersal of the Maidan

The office of special investigations, the Secretary General declared that disclosure of the circumstances of the organization and implementation of the storming of the Maidan under the guise of anti-terrorist operation in Kiev in the night of 18 to 19 February 2014.

On Friday October 9, says Facebook Management.

The investigators found that the preparation for use of forces and means ATO was organized in January 2014.

«The immediate plan violent dispersal of the demonstrators, developed pursuant to criminal orders of the former leadership of the state together former leaders of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine and the SBU, provided the full sweep of protesters from independence square, adjacent streets and holding power phase of the ATO in the building of trade unions Federation of Ukraine. In turn brought «aunts» after the eviction of protesters to St. Michael’s square had to scatter them and disperse. In such circumstances, the organizers clearly understood that these intentions will lead to a large number of victims and casualties, but deliberately walked on it», — stated in the message.

For this purpose, according to the investigation, formally established the «visibility of the organization and conduct of anti-terrorist operation» — the metro stopped, blocked the broadcast part of the TV, turned off the light in the center of Kiev.

«With 19 hours on 18 February to 6 PM on 19 February 2014, the employees of internal Affairs bodies and the security service was illegally an attempt of power dispersal of protesters, resulting due to excessive use of physical force, special means, special equipment and covert use of firearms killed 10 people and 64 persons suffered injuries,» — said in a statement.

«Despite the destruction to conceal criminal acts, documents, videos and other information regarding the special operation against the protesters, investigators were able to reconstruct the chronology of events and to collect sufficient evidence to suspect former high-ranking officials in the organization and implementation of violent dispersal of protesters in such circumstances», — added in GPU.

On the basis of the investigation is reported about suspicion to the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, leaders of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Vitaliy Zakharchenko and Viktor Ratushniak, and even individual heads of security agencies under the presidency of Yanukovych.

The suspects declared wanted. The PGO also stated the prosecution «aunts» and their organizers — reported suspected 12 persons, the court continues to 4 people, 8 wanted.

In February 2014 during the clashes of protesters with police in Kiev killed more than 100 people, hundreds were wounded, the heaviest clash occurred on 20 February.

September 22, 2015 the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov said that for crimes committed against Euromaidan activists, punished more than 120 people. He also noted that among the prosecuted are those who directly participated in the killings, as well as those who were issued weapons from the warehouses of the MIA «titushky» or participated in the organization of «aunts».

However Avakov said that it is only those cases prosecuted by the interior Ministry, but more extensive information is the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine.

In the Prosecutor’s office said disclosure of the circumstances of the violent dispersal of the Maidan 09.10.2015

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