In the presidential Administration said that the restructuring of the courts will be held in 2018

In 2018 in the framework of judicial reform will be the restructuring of the courts. About this in comments to journalists said the Deputy head of the presidential Administration of Ukraine Oleksiy Filatov, reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

«The judicial system we will have a restructuring, which will include the elimination, creation and reorganization of courts. Will change the court map. No more of courts, of which there are only three judges, one of whom – at the hospital, the second was on maternity leave, and the third ended the authority – and resulted in the district there is no justice,» – said Filatov.

According to him, restructuring the district courts will become stronger.

«Will be created in the district courts, combining two or three areas. The standard quantity should be 9-12 judges in the district court. This does not mean that citizens have to drive to a neighboring district, they appealed to the court in its district centre, and will contact them. There will be the indoor court in which the judges office, but legally, it is the district court, United with the courts of the neighboring areas. If in a particular area, for whatever reason the judge will not, then the citizen will have the opportunity to go to court in the neighboring region», – explained the representative of the presidential Administration.

In addition, we will also consolidate district courts in the cities.

«This pan-European trend. According to research by the European Commission for the efficiency of justice of Council of Europe, the organizational efficiency of the court starts with 60 judges. It’s hardly a standard we practically possible, but the courts of three judges, too, will be no more. In the urban district courts can probably be 30-40 of judges», – said Filatov.

The changes will affect appeals districts.

«For example, is the appellate court with nine judges. With the high number raises the question of the expediency of budgetary expenditures as a separate court. Therefore, probably, the decision on accession to the nearby appellate districts,» he added.

Filatov said that a presidential decree may be issued in the near future.

«According to the law, the decision on liquidation of the court does not mean that the court stops functioning. It will stop functioning when the district is created and almost earns a new trial. It will therefore be a transitional period», – concluded the representative of the presidential Administration.

On 22 December the High Council of justice reported that the judicial reform plan to eliminate local 142 of the General court and create 74 the district. It is stipulated by the draft decrees of the President of Ukraine «On the elimination of local common courts and establishment of district courts.» It is, in particular, on the elimination of 10 district courts of Kyiv and the creation instead of the six circuit courts.

In the presidential Administration said that the restructuring of the courts will be held in 2018 28.12.2017

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