In the presidential Administration opened an exhibition «Malevich. Outside of canvas»

In the art space of the Second Floor Art Center on the second floor of the presidential administration of Ukraine opened an exhibition dedicated to one of the most famous Ukrainians in the world Kazimir Malevich.

As reported in the press service of the President, this is the sixth artistic project Second Floor Art Center since its opening in April 2015.

The exhibition «Malevich. Outside of canvas» presents 16 paintings simple, but also complex ecosystem: the role of the designer from which is collected the world of familiar things, create incredible impression of the universe of Malevich.

The press service noted that Malevich is one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century which fundamentally influenced the development of the visual arts, architecture and design. He divided art history into «before» and «after». He created the «Black square» – one of the most famous paintings of modernity, which the artist started Suprematist art movement. He believed that the artist must create from your own creativity, instead of copying the external world.

The aim of the exhibition is «to return» to Ukraine of the artist and to restore historical justice. The most famous researchers of creativity of Malevich, who analyzed his work, came to the conclusion that vanguard is not Russian, he is Ukrainian, as evidenced by the texts found by the artist.

«In the case of Malevich even the principle of the Russians: «what is mine is mine, what’s yours we’ll share» didn’t work. They didn’t want to share, trying to take our Malevich completely. But it will not succeed. Step by step we open the Ukrainian Malevich, and many previously unclear things become clear. For example, why during a certain period of his life (when he lived in Russia) it was gray and colorless, and the other period is a bright and colorful? Everything is simple: bright he was when he returned to Ukraine», – commented on the work of the great Ukrainian art historian Dmytro HORBACHOV.

In turn, the researcher of creativity of Malevich Tatyana Filevskaya said that, despite the fact that Malevich is one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century, exists in the world of the art Museum, dedicated to his work.

In her opinion, ought to create the first interactive Museum of Malevich.

«The idea is now actively discussing with colleagues. A project of the Institute of Malevich would have to combine three institutions: the Museum of Malevich, center for the study of Ukrainian avant-garde and experimental laboratory for contemporary art. We hope for state support in the implementation of this project,» said Fili.

The Exhibition «Malevich. Outside of canvas» will be on display in the presidential Administration more than three months. Everyone will be able to visit the exhibition in the framework of the excursions.

We will remind, on October 6-9 in Kiev hosted a conference dedicated to Kazimir Malevich. A similar event was held in Ukraine for the first time.

In the presidential Administration opened an exhibition «Malevich. Outside of canvas» 12.11.2016

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