In the «Popular front» believe that early elections can win «Appblock»

Verkhovna Rada Deputy from «Popular front» Nicholas knyazhytsky believes that the resignation of the Cabinet and early elections that will follow, will play into the hands of the former «regionals» and populists. On this day, February 12, he said at a roundtable at the Gorshenin Institute «will there be a reformation of the government the split in the coalition,» reports

«If now there will be new elections if the coalition falls apart, it is obvious that in these elections, which will be held under a mixed system, a significant win for the forces that lost after the Maidan. This «Opposition bloc», which is actively promoted various populist forces that are also trying to make a PR», — said knyazhytsky.

However, he stressed that the parliamentary majority will gather enough votes for the resignation of the Cabinet, the government will have no choice but to obey.

Knyazhytsky said that «Popular front» are categorically against such a scenario.

«We think this is absurd, harmful to the country. But if the majority of politicians decides, we will abide by the will of the majority, as it happens in a democratic society», — said knyazhytsky.

We will remind that from February 11, began collecting signatures for a resolution of no confidence in the government.

In the «Popular front» believe that early elections can win «Appblock» 12.02.2016

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