In the Philippines, the pirates killed the 8 fishermen who are unable to read a Muslim prayer

In the southern Philippines near the town of Zamboanga province in Mindanao pirates killed eight local fishermen, according to local newspaper Mindanao Examiner. Has five, and according to the information Agency AP — seven, managed to escape.

The Lieutenant coast guard Alvin, Dagalea said that two fishermen have survived by jumping into the water after the attackers opened fire. Another five people were reported missing, but then it turned out that they are alive.

The head of the coast guard Joel Garcia said that the vessel ran seven fishermen, when the pirates began to bind the prisoners. «According to preliminary data, the attackers boarded, everyone was armed, they immediately tied eight crew members and seven others managed to escape from the helicopter» — he said (quoted by AP).

According to the newspaper Mindanao Examiner, the assault occurred late on Monday evening, 9 January, near the island of Sermon. Authorities became aware of the incident on Tuesday morning, January 10, when the two who had fled returned to their village of Sangali. According to them, the attackers asked the fishermen whether they are Muslims, and shot after they were unable to read the prayer.

After that, the coast guard dispatched to the area of the accident, two boats who found the fishing vessel, with eight dead bodies on Board, and the hands of the fishermen were bound with nylon rope.

The attacking pirates were no less than five. According to the local administration, they were taken from the fishermen money in the area. As another version called feud between fishermen.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, but it is believed that the pirates may be members of the group «Abu Sayyaf», involved in a number of similar cases. Recently the bandits on two boats tried to seize a Philippine cargo ship Ocean Kingdom near the city of Zamboanga. The ship, which was more than 20 sailors, was fired, however, the hijacking was avoided.

Group «Abu Sayyaf» responsible for the capture of the Vietnamese cargo ship with six crew members on 11 November 2016, and for a number of smaller attacks on the Malaysian and Indonesian seafarers in the region.

In the Philippines, the pirates killed the 8 fishermen who are unable to read a Muslim prayer 10.01.2017

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