In the Pentagon believe that Russia will soon begin land operation in Syria

The movement of Russian troops into Syria and arming, likely to indicate the intention of Russian leadership to launch a full-scale ground operation against terrorist organizations. Such suspicions were expressed on the condition of anonymity, two sources at the Pentagon in conversation with CNN. Officially our concerns to the U.S. Department of defense has not yet been announced, writes

In Turkey declare about repeated violation of Russia’s airspace
U.S. authorities praised the military operation of Russia in Syria as a «strategic mistake»

The sides of the channel believe that if a ground operation begins, it will be directed against the rebels and the opposition fighting the regime of Bashar al-Assad, and not against the terrorist organization «Islamic state».

CNN sources said that ground armament consists of four artillery and rocket systems of volley fire BM-30 «Smerch». The weapon was spotted between the cities of HOMS and Idlib, said the TV channel.

As explained to journalists at the Pentagon that Russia is increasing «ground activities» to support the government army in fighting against the opponents of the Syrian head of state Bashar al-Assad.

According to CNN, a few weeks ago about six artillery units have been moved to the port of Latakia. Initially, the U.S. government felt they needed to protect the base. However, one of the interlocutors of the channel believes that, most likely, the weapons required for a ground operation, which could begin in the next few days.

The sides of the channel also said that Moscow sent to Syria equipment to create radio interference. Equipment, specifies CNN, can be used to counter the radar of the international coalition against ISIS led by the United States.

Meanwhile, the head of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko at the meeting with the speaker of the Senate of the National Assembly of Jordan from Ecuador Ar a-Rawabdeh stated that Russia will not participate in any ground operations and is ready to cooperate with all States, reports TASS.

«We will not participate in any ground operations and is ready to cooperate with all States, regions, and extra-regional players in the common fight against the global evil of terrorism,» she said.

According to Matvienko, Russia «will not be involved for a long time in the resolution of the Syrian crisis».

«This is only support for air force regular Syrian army, Kurdish militias against Islamic state terrorists,» — said Matvienko.

The Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation recalled that Baghdad had established a coordinating centre, which includes Russia, Iraq, Syria and Iran.

«We understand that without proper coordination to effectively deal with the IG, it cannot be destroyed, and we offer anyone really interested in destroying ISIS to join the coordinating center,» she said.

Thus Matvienko has assured that «Russia has no other purpose but to defeat ISIS, unlike other countries in the other coalition.»

Earlier, the head of the Commission the HRC on the rights of military men Sergey Krivenko said that the Russian government is in full compliance with the legislation can choose to send ground troops to Syria. He believes that the words of President Vladimir Putin that Syria will be limited to the air operation were made for the preservation of the public peace. Krivenko also said that earlier the government used the army, including conscripts in military action in South Ossetia.

The other day the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov called on to send to Syria and ground forces.

«It’s a shame that it’s only air force that there is not used the infantry,» said he.

Kadyrov said that the war against «those devils» ready to go «thousands of volunteers».

«We are the first to stand up. We are working on it for a year plus, we have a combat readiness number one» — said the head of Chechnya.

According to him, as soon as the terrorists in Syria will understand that they are sent by servicemen from Chechnya, they quickly get out of there.

«We know them, we destroyed them here, we were at war with them. And they know us,» — said the Chechen leader.

Thus, according to him, terrorists have not yet figured out, what is the real war, as only dealt with by bombing and military actions, they have no experience.

The Chechen soldiers are ready for combat operations, «volunteers» is becoming more and more, Kadyrov added.

We will remind, in interview to the American TV channels on the eve of the speech at 70th UN General Assembly the Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia does not intend to participate in a ground operation in Syria.

October 1, the Agency Reuters referring to the informed sources, wrote that Iran and supported by the Lebanese grouping «Hezbollah» intend to start a ground operation in Syria. According to the interlocutor of the Agency, hundreds of armed Iranian military arrived in Syria two weeks ago for fighting in the North of Syria — territories captured by the rebels. Their goal is to return to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad lost control over these territories.

As reported, the terrorist sites that had previously been set in the ranks of the militants of «people’s republics», recruitment of «volunteers» to Syria.

The coordinator of group «Information resistance», MP Dmitry tymchuk reported that the militants brewing panic because of withdrawal from the Donbas some units of Russian regular troops and mercenaries there for TRANS-shipment to Syria.

Earlier, Tymchuk reported that 190 of the Russian mercenaries have withdrawn from the Luhansk region to move to Syria.

We will note that Vladimir Putin has repeatedly stated that he is not going to put back in Russia the Russians who are fighting in hot spots. According to him, it is impossible to prevent the return of terrorists from Russia – «thugs who felt the smell of blood».

We will remind, on 30 September, Russia struck the first airstrike in Syria — but not against the Islamists and the opposition. On the same day, before the bombing, the upper house of the Russian Parliament gave President Vladimir Putin’s formal consent to use Russian armed forces in Syria. The decision of the Federation Council of Russia voted unanimously.

According to official data, this question was posed for consideration after the request of Bashar al-Assad on military assistance in the fight against «Islamic state».

Western officials immediately after the application of the Russian air force’s first strikes in Syria has accused Russia that it is not so much bombed positions of the IG, as is declared, how many sighting locations of the Syrian opposition, supported by the United States. The Russian foreign Ministry immediately called such reports «information war», however, the press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said last week that Russia’s actions in Syria aimed not only against ISIS but also against «other terrorist and extremist groups». Thus Peskov made clear that the «terrorists» in Moscow, referring to the opposition fighting against Assad.

Last Saturday, October 3, Putin’s press Secretary said that Russia’s actions in Syria are «absolutely transparent» and directly questioned the existence of «moderate opposition» in this country.

The governments of France, Germany, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the U.S. urged Russia to stop airstrikes on positions of the Syrian opposition.

In Russia expect to carry out air strikes on Syrian territory in three to four months.

U.S. authorities praised the military operation of Russia in Syria as a «strategic mistake»

The United States authorities consider to be the erroneous strategy of conducting military operation of Russia in Syria. This was stated yesterday at a briefing in Washington, the Deputy chief a press-services of US state Department mark Toner.

«Frankly, until we see Russia’s decision to conduct military action in Syria and to intervene in a civil war between Assad and the moderate opposition. We believe this strategic mistake» — are the words of the Toner on the website of the state Department.

As noted by mark Toner in Washington don’t see that Russia has taken action in support of their statements of intention to combat terrorist group «Islamic state». State Department spokesman reminded that the main goal of the international coalition led by the US is supporting in Northern Syria, rebel groups that oppose ISIS. According to Toner, while Russia shows no desire to join this campaign.

In turn, White house press Secretary Josh Ernest at the briefing on Monday said that Washington did not see any signs that Russia changed its strategy and began to apply air strikes on the locations of militants of the «Islamic state», reports Reuters.

According to the White house, Russia concentrates its efforts on areas that hold opponents of the regime of Bashar al-Assad. However, according to American analysts, among them or a small number of extremists of ISIS, or they do not.

Ernest expressed the opinion of American authorities that Russia’s actions in Syria are delaying the transition to political settlement of the situation in this country.
The spokesman also called a provocation the incursion of Russian aircraft into Turkey and noted that the U.S. and its allies are extremely concerned about this incident.

On the eve of the Turkish foreign Ministry has accused Russia of violating airspace, saying that the interception of aircraft of the Russian air force was raised by two Turkish F-16S. Ankara handed over the Ambassador of Russia in Turkey’s protest note. The defense Ministry has recognized the error of pilots, explaining the misunderstanding to bad weather.

In turn, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has described Russia as a friend of Turkey, but made it clear that Ankara will not allow to violate its airspace. The Turkish armed forces received clear instructions», and «even if a bird» violated the airspace of Turkey on the border with Syria, it will be stopped, said the politician.

Later in the Turkish Ministry of foreign Affairs stated that Russian aircraft violated the airspace of Turkey not only October 3rd, but 4th.

In the Pentagon believe that Russia will soon begin land operation in Syria 06.10.2015

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