In the Parliament of Canada urged to remember the victims of the Holodomor

The horrific events of the Holocaust should remind you of the need to defend human rights.

About this during his speech in the Federal Parliament of Canada said Deputy mark Varava, reports UKRINFORM.

«We must remember what happened during the famine, and strengthen their commitment to protect human rights and the dignity of each person. We stand together with the Ukrainians, sharing their grief, and inspiring hope,» said Barabbas.

He also reminded about the huge number of victims of the famine-genocide. «This crime was committed by the brutal Stalinist regime. Stalin confiscated all the food in Eastern Ukraine. Ten million people died from hunger,» — said the Deputy.

«Vcna m pam’yat», he added in Ukrainian.

Varava called on Canadians to commemorate the victims of Holodomor in Ukraine on November 26.

Note that Canada was the first Western country to recognize the Holodomor as genocide of Ukrainians in 2008.

In addition, the first feature film about Stalin’s repressions in Ukraine and how they led to the Holodomor of 1932-1933 was published in January 2016 in Canada. The film by canadian Director Ayana Ignatovich, whose parents fled from the Soviet Ukraine during the Second world war, was called «Bitter harvest.» Starring in the film was played by the star of «Star wars» and films about «Superman» Terence Stam and the young British actor Max irons. In the story it is about a love story in the midst of violent events in Ukraine.

And on 25 November in the Ukrainian house in Kyiv will take place the presentation of the film «Ukradena earth», which was directed by canadian Director of Ukrainian origin Yuri meadow.

Recall that the magnitude of the famine was hidden by the Communist party of the Soviet Union. After the proclamation of Ukraine’s independence in 1991 were declassified Soviet archives. This led to the fact that in 2003 in a joint statement the UN, which was signed by Russia, it was announced that the famine has claimed the lives of millions of innocent people. In October 2008 the European Parliament recognized the Holodomor as a crime against humanity.

In Ukraine the Day of memory of victims of Holodomor installed on the fourth Saturday of November.

In the Parliament of Canada urged to remember the victims of the Holodomor 25.11.2016

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