In the Parliament fought Leshchenko and Melnichuk

MP from the faction of the BPP Ivan Melnychuk was trying to beat the other Deputy Sergei Leshchenko because of a post in Facebook. This was told by other deputies who witnessed the fight in the parliamentary hall. As a result Leshchenko tore off the sleeve of his jacket, reports «Ukrainian Truth».

According to deputies, Melnychuk was arguing with a woman because of a post in Facebook that the deputies don’t come to BPP Committee on preventing and combating corruption on the instructions of the presidential administration.

«There was a discussion why Sergei wrote it,» said another MP from the PPO Igor artyushenko.

«Ivan Melnychuk began fighting with a woman. This is absurd parliamentarism,» said vnefraktsionnyh the people’s Deputy Yuriy Derevyanko.

Later intervened people’s Deputy from BPP Oleg Barna, who pulled them apart.

«I just saw a woman waved when Barna separated them,» — said Valery Patskan.

Later, Parliament made a colleague Leschenko — Deputy Mustafa Nayem.

According to him, fighters with corruption «subjected to torture, physical and moral». «We have never felt support from these people in Parliament. Also began Yanukovych«, — he added.

The Parliament speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy , nasal a fight in the hall of paramenta «unacceptable» . «It discreditied those involved in the fight, and the whole Parliament,» he said.

Parubiy said that he had addressed in the procedural Committee of the Parliament for action.

In turn the Deputy of the PPB Ivan Melnychuk said: «he Sounded cynical lie. It stipulates all, starting with the President, ending the people’s deputies».

Melnychuk says that they went to Leshchenko, to find out where he got the information he published in Facebook.

«Everyone must answer for his words, even at the cost of broken mouth and the bruises under his eyes,» — said Melnychuk.

At the same time, the people’s Deputy Igor artyushenko, which also wrote Leshchenko, confirmed that on February 8 to attend the meeting of the parliamentary Committee on preventing and combating corruption.

«While some politicians will use the Committee for personal PR and politicking instead of working — my Committee will not, because I won’t own name to cover up their hysterical attacks,» said artyushenko.

As you know, February 8, the people’s Deputy Leshchenko announced in Facebook that the part of deputies of BPP do not go to the meeting of the Committee on the fight against corruption allegedly on the instructions of the presidential Administration.

«Deputies from the loyal part of the BPP are boycotting meetings of the anti-corruption Committee. They say they called a Bank and said to break the quorum. A couple of times will break and then you can blame the Committee in insolvency proceedings. But the meeting started without them. In principle, doing the right thing — show you who’s corrupt in the country «, — wrote to Leshchenko.

In the comments under the post Leshchenko said that was not in the particular people’s Deputy Igor artyushenko. Other commentators added that it was not , Krivoruchko, Barns and Melnychuk.

We will note, earlier in the Verkhovna Rada there was a fight between the deputies of the faction of the Radical party of Oleh Lyashko and former assistant head of the presidential administration representative of Ukraine in the sub-group on humanitarian issues of the trilateral contact group of Viktor Medvedchuk.

In the Parliament fought Leshchenko and Melnichuk 09.02.2017

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