In the Parliament can consider two bills restricting the freedom of speech – people’s Deputy from BPP Cermakova

The Verkhovna Rada on 13 July to consider two bills that could limit freedom of speech in Ukraine. About this in his Facebook said the MP from the bloc of Petro Poroshenko Olga Chervakova.

The bill on counteraction to threats to national security in the information sphere No. 6688 introduced by MPs from the Committee of national security and defence Ivan Vinnik (fraction of PPB), Dmytro Tymchuk and Tatiana Chornovil (both represent the «people’s front»).

According to the draft law, threats to national security in information sphere, in particular, are considered to be «influencing decision making or making or actions of state authorities or local self-government bodies, officials of these bodies, associations of citizens, legal persons». The authors of the bill suggest to consider it as part of «technological terrorism».

The security service of Ukraine is entitled without a court order through ISP’s to block access to any information resource. The reason for this may be the decision of the Prosecutor, the investigator, agreed with the Prosecutor, or the decision of the national security Council.

«It is obvious that with the entry into force of the act, «technological terrorists» will be Nayem, Leshchenko and all who will come tomorrow to demand the abolition of parliamentary immunity by the Verkhovna Rada. After all, they will realize the effect on government authority,» wrote Cermakova.

In addition, as noted Cermakova, all information resources covering these events, become candidates for closure.

Also on Thursday the Verkhovna Rada will be addressed in the bill on cybersecurity No. 2126а.

«The amendment of the Deputy Ruslan Lukyanchuk (faction «national front») in the transitional provisions, amends the Law «On information» – it is proposed to introduce a new concept of «technological information». This information about all processes in all sectors of the economy, as well as information about the processes that negatively affect the health and safety of people, environmental, economic, political and social stability of social relations or the implementation of business entities activity», – said Cermakova.

She noted that the bill of the same content were made by the government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk, but he received a negative conclusion of the Committee on freedom of speech and information policy and missed the vote.

In the Parliament can consider two bills restricting the freedom of speech – people’s Deputy from BPP Cermakova 13.07.2017

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