In the Parliament are trying to revive the negative trends of Yanukovych, according to activists

The initiative «intensive care reform package» calls on the Parliament to reject the bill №3693 and # 3700 as establishing the dictatorship of party leaders. This is stated in the statement of the «Reanimation package of reforms» and distributed it in the blog on unitary enterprise expert advocacy reanimation package of Reforms, member of the Board of Transparency International Ukraine Yaroslav Yurchyshyn.

Project No. 3693 proposes to amend the law on status of deputies of local councils «regarding the recall of deputies of local councils, and No. 3700 — proposes changes to the law on elections of people’s deputies in part on exclusion of candidates from the electoral list in multi-member district.

«The bills No. 3693 and # 3700 actually make MPs silent nadavlivanii buttons and executors of the will of petrokosta. After the adoption of appropriate legislation parliamentary discussion will become, in fact, a formality, and the processes of reforms and the adoption of the state policy in the hands of a dozen deputies», — the statement stresses.

«Civic platform of Reanimation Package of Reforms calls not to vote for the respective bills,» — said in a statement.

«It is significant that the authors of these initiatives are the leaders of the coalition factions with the eloquent title «European Ukraine». In fact a mechanism to remove objectionable as at the local level and national. If such rules existed at the time of elections, «reformed troops» in lying and professionals-legislators simply would not exist,» notes «intensive care reform package».

«Attempts to establish the dictatorship of the party leaders have nothing to do with the notion of party discipline in the European sense, and the pressure is on MPs to pass the bill 3693 and to include for consideration 3700 indicates that reborn negative trends of times of Yanukovych«, — said the «intensive care reform package».

The party process in Ukraine after the Revolution of Dignity must be open, transparent, it must present a professional discussion on the content of the policy and not the dictates of the party owner of the brand, according to activists.

Also in the «Resuscitation package of reforms» urged to start a discussion on the Electoral code, which introduced the open electoral lists and established control of the voters, not the oligarchs, on the formation of the representations of parties in legislative bodies at all levels.

In the Parliament are trying to revive the negative trends of Yanukovych, according to activists 02.02.2016

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