In the parks of Kiev will install panic buttons and video cameras

In Kiev’s parks for the safety of the citizens began to install surveillance cameras. According to the Director KP «Kiev development center of the urban environment» Denis Pivneva, today several city parks have already installed 12 surveillance cameras, reports «Today».

«Also there are plans to install more video cameras 36. Put them at the expense of patrons,» says Pevnev. Worst of all, with security, according to the Metropolitan police, things are in the parks, «Kyoto», «Partisan glory», «Victory», «Youth» and on Trukhanov island.

«We also plan in the most dangerous parks to install safety Islands is a special device equipped with panic buttons and video cameras to visitors in case of emergency to directly contact the appropriate service (police) for help», — says the Director of KP.

Pevnev told that the first camera will appear in the gardens of the Potter, Gorodetsky, the parks of Pushkin, «Orlyatko», Shevchenko, and «Nivki», Mariinsky, Vladimir hill, Partisan glory, Victory. Then the video will appear in other parks.

According to the Director of the Department for improvement Dmitry Belotserkovets, will install cameras in parks, but in all public places.

«By March will be used to map the installation of video cameras and their necessary quantity. Let’s start with the installation of the Pechersk district — the lowest level of crime detection (less than 20%). Part of the cameras will be installed at the expense of the city and the other at the expense of patrons. In plans — to bring all cameras to a single remote Netpolice,» says bilotserkivets.

Previously it was reported that in Kiev plan to introduce a unified system of video surveillance.

Note, in 2015 the crime rate in Ukraine grew by 3%.

In the parks of Kiev will install panic buttons and video cameras 15.02.2016

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