In the «opposition bloc» claim about the searches one of the leaders of the party

In «the Oppositional block» state that is being searched, the co-chair of the political party Alexander Kasanuki. This is stated in a statement posted on the website of the party «Opposition bloc».

«This morning, the authorities began a new round of repression against the Opposition bloc. At the moment, security agencies conducted a search of the co-chair of the political party Alexander Kasanuki» — say in the political party.

«As with previous cases against representatives of the Opposition bloc, it is political persecution», — assured in the party.

«We demand to stop political persecution of Alexander Casanoca. We appeal to foreign partners to take control of the implementation by the Ukrainian authorities of the PACE resolution. Repressions in Ukraine must stop,» — said in a statement.

In turn, the NAB claimed that the searches of Casanoca held in the framework of the investigation of «black accounting» of the Party of regions. This was reported by press Secretary of NABOO Svetlana Olefir, reports «Ukrainian truth».

«The search is conducted in the framework of a pretrial investigation on the case of the so-called «black accounting» on the basis of the decision of the court of Kiev», — she said.

«The search is conducted in connection with the fact that in criminal proceedings contains information that the specified person could be the documents and carriers of electronic information, relevant to the conduct of the so-called «black accounting», — said Olivera.

As reported, Dmitry was a people’s Deputy of Ukraine of 5th convocation from Party of regions (No. 210 in the list), and was also the head of fraction of Party of regions in the Donetsk regional Council (2006-2007).

In the «opposition bloc» claim about the searches one of the leaders of the party 11.11.2016

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