In the office Trigubenko seized more than 4 million, as well as documents on purchase and sale of coal — source

In the course of carrying out a search from the office of the people’s Deputy Sergey Trigubenko (BPP) seized a total of more than 4 million UAH, computer equipment and documents showing the trading transactions with the state enterprise «Coal company «Krasnolimanskaya» (the purchase of coal) and PJSC «Tsentrenergo» (selling coal products).

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This was reported by a source in the National anti-corruption Bureau, reports «Biznestsentr».

«The actual owner of the funds and office equipment — LLC «Trading house — Energosbyt», — said the source.

According to him, the owner of the documents (the participant of operations on purchase and resale of coal) — «Dantreyd LTD».

Currently tenant office, where a search was conducted, is «Dantreyd LTD». In fact, it works, OOO «Trading house» Resource, which until the beginning of 2016 was the tenant.

November 30 detectives NAB, a search was conducted in an informal Central office of the people’s Deputy Trigubenko.

In this case the brother of Trigubenko heads the Prosecutor’s office of Kherson region.

Media about business Trigubenko

MP Trigubenko (BPP) controls the «Centrenergo» and the mine «Krasnolimanskaya» laundering money from state assets. This was discussed in the summer the investigation of the journalist Denis Bigus in the program «Our money» on channel ZIK.

Then his assistant without competition has received an order from «Tsentrenergo» half a billion hryvnia.

«Historically engaged in agriculture, now sits on the sustainability Committee of the Parliament. This Committee agrarian Trigubenko controls some profitable Rosenergoatom — «Centrenergo» and the mine «Krasnolimanskaya». Company, assistant MP without a tender receives an order from Centrenergo half a billion hryvnia. Buys coal at the mine, earns, sells «Centrenergo». A few signatures on a couple of pieces of paper, and coal, as before, goes on with gosshahty of gosenergo. Money deposited on of the BPP. Clumsiness and scale of the scheme — Victor Pedrycz crying,» wrote «Our money» on Facebook.

Journalists call Trigubenko «left arm» Igor Kononenko and «the Eminence Grise of black coal.» That is to the left of the passengers sitting in the session hall Trigubenko.

In the office Trigubenko seized more than 4 million, as well as documents on purchase and sale of coal — source 01.12.2016

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