In the occupied Donetsk and Luhansk their own «elections» postponed indefinitely

The leaders of Pro-Russian terrorist organizations «DNR» and «LNR» Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Carpenter at the same time actually refused to 6 Nov own «local election» within individual employed troops of the Russian Federation regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. About October 26, 2016, reports Russian «Interfax».

«It is hereby resolved: to defer the holding of the first «election» of the local heads, the date of which (06.11.2016) defines «decree» from 22.07.2016, No. 418/01/07/16 before making individual decisions about their date,» — said in Carpenter signed «the document.»

In turn Zakharchenko also stopped the action «the decree» about the local «elections» scheduled for 6 Nov.

«Date «elections» will be defined by the relevant «decree», — said in his «press service».

As reported, for these elections the Russians and their mercenaries held in the occupied territories of Ukrainian Donbas fake «primaries», which the local population was ignored.

As was forced to admit former consultant to Yanukovych, now living in Crimea, Donetsk sociologist Eugene Kopatko, the interest of the residents ORDA to these elections has declined substantially.

According to him, in Donetsk and the surrounding area to participate in the «primaries» of terrorists in polling stations visited by as many as 370 thousand people, while turnout in the «elections,» Zakharchenko in November 2014 and allegedly made 1 million 120 thousand people, that is, was three times more. In Lugansk, he said, the numbers are even more interesting. For primaries they voted 54 thousand people. And two years ago — 705 thousand inhabitants.

The sociologist also commented on the arrival of the so-called «international observers», which in Donetsk, for example, was as much as 22 throughout quasirandomly: «in fact, they do not have official mandates of their States… It was just tourists who came for free to walk around the Donetsk and Lugansk».

It is worth noting that in early October, PACE said that ORDA yet there are no conditions for implementation of the Minsk agreements local elections.

In the occupied Donetsk and Luhansk their own «elections» postponed indefinitely 27.10.2016

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