In the new book Rutkovskaja Baba Yaga and the wild cat Aristarchus fouling in the village of Horobtsi

The fairy tale «Guests on the broom» Vladimir Rutkovskaja was published in Lviv «Wydawnictw Old Leva». The writer is also the author of the tetralogy «jury», «Blue Water», «Guard the Deposit» and «Powercat».

In 2012 he received the Shevchenko prize for literature. About new book, the author told

In the center of the plot — the old witch Jadwiga Elizarova, who along with his servant, a cat Aristarchus, going on a business trip to his native village, Horobtsi. There, she must kidnap a girl to make her his student.

«I must say that as a child Jadwiga Elizarovna has experienced many humiliations and insults because you were lonely, ugly, useless girl. And now she, along with wild cat all evil nasty in his native village,» — says the author.

He joked that his work was written «to order». «At one meeting, the children asked me to write some terrible and at the same time fun story. I promised and then sat down and thought: who you take on the role of the main character? Dragon, Troll, Orc? So they’re in our area are not native, and to praise foreign monsters contrary to my credo».

In the end, the author has opted for the Baba-Yaga, a traditional character of the Ukrainian tales. «Insidious and disgusting monsters in our mythology there. And that was fun need some kind of mediator — a cruel and at the same time lively, restless. I thought about geese-swans, crows, even aliens — but it was not that. But the cat … But not just any cat, big wild cat, which is able to break any of the people. Although it is also inherent in the cat’s playfulness and spontaneity».
The writer says that the intention of the piece it was prompted by life itself. «Each of us not once, not twice, felt a dark, heavy eyes of older battered women’s lives. Them with a passionate joy of the blue throwing tantrums and doing nasty things as their neighbors, and those who saw for the first time in my life. Usually we call witches. Perhaps each of us wondered: where do they come from on our head? I too thought. Therefore, the novel «Guests on the broom» is a kind of artistic exploration of this phenomenon. Want a young reader to remember, hurt the girl – you’ll have to deal with a witch,» warns Rutkowski.

Although the author in his novel and explores not the most pleasant phenomena of life, however, the product of the mass of optimistic colors and, more importantly what helps to make sure the story is the attention and kindness can melt the soul of any creature, even one that has long been in everything and everyone despaired of. Even Baba-Yaga.

«This old, broken all the winds the witch knows how to annoy people. She has the gift of magic. From it there is no salvation. To the reader it was even worse, I added another image of the same vindictive and treacherous cat Aristarchus. So their trip to a small village, Horobi will not bring the people anything good. Especially the girl Tanya that Jadwiga Elizarovna wants to make his student,» says the storyteller.

According to the author, Tanya, to whom the witch wishes to transfer the acquired knowledge, belongs to those children, who are called «the life.»
«Her parents went to work in the city and forgot about his daughter. So she is forced to live with the old, infirm grandmother. Old girl she needs supervision. And this, as you know, makes the girl happy. None of the peers to be friends with her wants. Especially the neighborhood kids. And that Jadwiga Elizarovna at hand, because she was convinced that the best witches come from such downtrodden by fate and people girls. They always kept the grudge and hatred of those who offended them. And when teach them the various witch stuff,» says Rutkowski.

According to the writer, any wounded creature dreams of revenge. «If you don’t know how to do it, your vengeance is a passive character. But if in your journey through life meets a real witch who will teach the art of revenge, it can be garaco. So the time witch was found Jadwiga Elizarovna. And now the same fate awaits Tanya».

Jadwiga Elizarovna has a variety of supernatural powers. «She can transform into anyone. Can trap you in the moment when you are not ready. No one knows how to deal with it. That’s why children, whom she has captured, they have to find ways of salvation.»

Shared by the author and his secret of how he manages to avoid the stereotyped.

«I trained to be a techie. So I know that invention is called a product in which only 5 percent of something unusual. And the rest are levers, wheels, pulleys, frame, everything is familiar and may if anything be replaced in the same pulley. Say, why so many are accustomed to? And you give the average driver, say, a UFO without Windows and doors — and it is unlikely he will open it. I think that the principle has the right to life and in literature. All someone ever stolen (or «borrowed»),» — said the writer.

Rutkowski said that he somehow threw that Aristarchus reminiscent of Bulgakov’s cat Behemoth. «And when you dig deeper, Bulgakov my cat is also borrowed. Although the same Hoffmann. So I don’t see anything surprising about the friendship of a lonely woman with the same lonely cat. I believe that real mastery is shown not in search of exclusivity of a character, as in the original interpretation of the usual image,» says the author.

Answering a question of journalist, not a lot of it is 240 pages of text, — Rutkowski replied that it all depends on how the written work.

«Is that two pages is a lot to read when reading is boring. And sometimes something like «Harry Potter». How many volumes are already out, and the interest of the readers is not reduced. Interested in fiction, adventures, trustful tone, interesting antics, laughter».

According to the author, in his novel a lot of «modern» elements.

«In the witch’s mortar in the usual sense, and Mortar — system precise flight control. The cat Aristarchus shoulder bag with the inscription «made in YUSA», the cap «made in China» t-shirt — «made in Zhmerynka». However, these details for the screenplay, I’m working» — shared Rutkowski.

Earlier, at the end of 2016 has announced the release of their debut full-length feature films of Yuri Kovalev «Guard Outpost» on the eponymous book by Vladimir Rutkovskaja.

In the new book Rutkovskaja Baba Yaga and the wild cat Aristarchus fouling in the village of Horobtsi 11.11.2016

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