In the Netherlands raised the issue of authenticity of signatures for the «Ukrainian» referendum – media

The government of the Netherlands has not checked the accuracy of 427 thousand signatures that were collected to initiate a consultative referendum on the Association Agreement EU-Ukraine.

As informed «UKRINFORM», this was reported by the Dutch television channel RTL Nieuws, referring to the letter of the Minister of internal Affairs and Kingdom relations Ronald Plasterk in response to the request of the lawyer of the Christian Alberdingk Theima.

«Tested only, where the name, address and date of birth of the person who is a registered voter. I haven’t checked whether or not the people signed and sent the form,» — the newspaper notes.

The Minister acknowledged that such a system creates a risk of fraud. At the same time, as notes the edition, the Minister’s letter does not indicate that such fraud took place in the event of a referendum on the ratification of the Association Agreement EU-Ukraine.

Professor of public and administrative law WIM Voermans said in an interview with RTL that such an approach is extremely vulnerable.

«If someone wanted to do this manipulation possible,» he said.

Dutch MP from the opposition party D66 Case Verhoeven stated that shocked by this information.

«I would like to know about it beforehand and take it seriously. In this regard, the question arises whether all the signatures are real and whether a referendum was to be held,» said Verhoeven.

Another opposition party, CDA, has also criticized this situation.

«We are against referendums. But if you do it in any case, it is important that the signatures were confirmed by those who represent them,» said MP Mustafa Amouch.

The representative of the initiators of the referendum, the group Geen Peil Bart Newman stated that the collection of signatures took place in accordance with the rules.

At the same time, as the newspaper notes, there is no opportunity to test the strength of the signatures as they are destroyed, so the results are final.

We will remind, on April 6 last year held a consultative referendum on ratification of the Association Agreement EU-Ukraine. In order to start a referendum, it was necessary to collect in the first stage 10 thousand signatures, and the second is 300 thousand signatures. According to reports, were collected 427 thousand signatures and appointed a consultative referendum. According to the official results, the referendum «against» the ratification by the Netherlands of the agreement voted by 61 % of voters (2 million 509 thousand 395 voters). «For» vote of 38, 21% of voters (1 million 571 thousand 874 voters). The turnout was 32, 28 %.

The government made the search for a solution that would give the opportunity to address that during the campaign «worry» of the voters and ratify the document. In mid-December last year, EU leaders agreed on a proposal by the Netherlands proposals for conditions to completion of the ratification in the country of the Association Agreement EU-Ukraine. Now the bill for the ratification of the agreement has been sent to the Dutch Parliament.

In the Netherlands raised the issue of authenticity of signatures for the «Ukrainian» referendum – media 10.02.2017

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