In the Netherlands far-right leaders in pre-election ratings

Extreme right-wing party PVV could get most of the seats in the Dutch Parliament if elections were held soon. This is evidenced by the results of generalized studies, which regularly publishes the Dutch public broadcaster NOS.

Thus, according to the poll, the party PVV, whose leader is known for his euroskeptic views and position of the anti-Islamic politician Geert Wilders, could get about 27 to 31 seats out of 150 seats in the Lower house of Parliament.

The ruling party VVD, to which belongs the current Prime Minister mark Rutte, would take second place, having from 24 to 28 seats.

Last week research company I&O Research also has documented the growing popularity of right-wing party PVV, in particular, against the background of the trial against party leader Geert Wilders.

As the researchers note, many proponents consider it «unfair» that the politician appeared in court where he is accused of inciting hatred and discrimination. In addition, among the reasons the researchers referred to the discussion in the Dutch society regarding the controversial Christmas character Zwarte Piet, which a offer beyond the stereotypical image of the colonial past and the actions of the government in a situation with a referendum on the Association Agreement EU-Ukraine.

We will remind, parliamentary elections in the Netherlands, to be held March 15 of next year. Earlier researchers have recorded extremely high support for the far-right party PVV. According to the surveys, in the beginning of the year the party had the greatest support among voters and could count for 33-39 of the 150 seats in the Lower house of Parliament. Later she began to lose ratings, behind the leadership of the coalition VVD.

In the Netherlands far-right leaders in pre-election ratings 01.12.2016

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