In the NEB confirmed that the investigation into the «amber case» completed

Detectives of the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) has completed pre-trial investigation on «amber case», reported the press service of NABOO.

15 Feb six suspects opened access to the investigation materials.

MP from the «people’s front» Maxim Polyakov is charged with committing a crime under part 4 St. 368 (acceptance of an offer, promise or obtaining illegal benefit by the official) Criminal code of Ukraine.

The MP Boryslav Rozenblat is suspected of violating part 4 of article 368 and part 2, article 369-2 (abuse of influence) Criminal code.

The case also featured the assistant-the consultant of one of the deputies, which, according to the investigation, was the accomplice. It is held under part 5 of article 27 (types of accomplices) and part 4 of Art. 368 of the Criminal code.

The other three defendants – a representative of interfractional Association of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine «Parliamentary control» and two of his accomplice, the report said. They are suspected of violating part 2 of article 28 (Commission of crime by group of persons, group of persons by prior conspiracy, an organized group or a criminal organization), part 2, article 369-2 of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

19 Jun 2017 detectives of the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine on suspicion in receiving a bribe detained the security guard of Rosenblatt. According to the Agency, bribe passed a decision on licensing of production of amber.

20 Jun the head of the Specialized anti-corruption prosecutors Nazar Golodnitsky said that a bribe of $200 thousand was intended Rosenblatt and the people’s Deputy from «popular front» Maxim Polyakov.

On 21 July the court appointed Polyakov measure in the form of collateral and the obligation to surrender passport, wear an electronic bracelet. On 25 July the Deputy said that «as a law-abiding citizen made bail».

The court has appointed Rosenblatt Deposit in the amount of 7 million UAH and ordered him to wear an electronic bracelet. The court also ordered the MP to hand over the passport for safekeeping. 17 Oct MP announced that the validity period set for his remand had expired.

19 Oct Rosenblat tried to fly to Cologne. During a search at the airport, detectives seized a MP mobile phones, tablets, jewelry in number of 11 units, payment cards of foreign banks, overseas and diplomatic passports.

On 20 October, the court again ordered the Rosenblatt to wear an electronic bracelet.

14 December it became known that the court allowed Rosenblatt to move across the territory of Ukraine.

8 February 2018, it became clear that the court allowed Polyakov to remove an electronic bracelet. The next day, the obligation to wear an electronic bracelet, the court reversed and Rosenblatt.

February 16, attorney Rosenblatt Peter Boyko announced that the pre-trial investigation into «amber case» is completed.

In the NEB confirmed that the investigation into the «amber case» completed 20.02.2018

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