In the Museum on Khortytsya presented two anchors of the XIX century, one of whom recently found the commandos

In the Museum of ancient navigation at Khortytsia island in Zaporizhia, the presentation of two new artifacts of the XIX century – the Hungarian anchor was found by divers of the special forces of the armed forces «Navy seals» during exercises in the Black sea in December 2016, and the anchor-«cat», found in the estuary near Melitopol local residents.

«Our marine commandos gave us the ancient anchor that was found on the bottom of the sea… In gratitude for the new exhibit, Zaporizhzhya national reserve decided to help the seals in the future. In gratitude for the anchor, we gave our «lion» is a necessary equipment for underwater work», — said the employee of the nature reserve «Khortytsya» Vyacheslav Zaitsev, reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

According to the archaeologist reserve «Khortytsya» Dmitry Kabale, the anchor is made in Budapest and is unique in the collection of the Museum of ancient navigation no.

«After restoration at anchor was found Hungarian stamp — Budapest. This does not mean that the anchor belonged to the Hungarian ship. The fact that the anchor and 18 and 19 century and in the early days, was quite expensive, it cost a lot of money, and foundries were quite serious income. That is, the anchor could produce and sell – and in Bulgaria, and Turkey, and the Russian Empire. It is likely that the anchor could have belonged to some vessels that had to do with trade in the black sea basin,» — said Kobalia.

During the presentation, the Museum staff introduced another new exhibit is another ship’s anchor, also of the nineteenth century, but much smaller.

«The anchor came to us almost simultaneously with the anchor from the Navy seals. Family from Melitopol, after reading in social networks about the gift of soldiers, decided to present the Museum and his discovery – anchor-«cat». Melitopoltsy found him in Zaporozhye region Dairy in the estuary, and kept at home», — said the employee of the nature reserve.

Thus, in the collection of the Zaporizhzhya Museum of ancient navigation today, there are more than eight dozens of old ship anchors and also 5 ancient ships, most of which are found in the waters of the Khortytsia.

Recall that in the fall of 2016 in the National reserve «Khortytsya» in Zaporozhye presented two wooden ship of the XVIII and XIX centuries. Poskodeny bajdak, one of restored rarities, the archaeologists found in the Desna river in Kyiv region. Another discovery – twenty-meter-long ship raised from bottom of Dnipro in Kiev.

In the Museum on Khortytsya presented two anchors of the XIX century, one of whom recently found the commandos 13.01.2017

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