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In the midterm elections of people’s deputies electoral district # 114 in Luhansk oblast is the most problematic in terms of implementation of electoral procedures. This was stated at a press conference, analyst of the Civil network «OPORA» Alexander Kluyev, UNIAN reports.

CVU and OPORA about the DEC # 114 in Luhansk oblast: the Commission sabotaged the work because of the heat and allegedly mining of the building

«We acknowledge that at this time the most problematic district in terms of the implementation of the electoral procedures is district No. 114, and it is connected not only with the activities of precinct election commissions, but with the lack of reliable information about voter turnout in this district,» he said.

According to Klujev the district election Commission, in fact, did not provide adequately information about voter turnout. «According to operational information, which comes to our observers, now at the Dec №114 individual members of the OIC claim that extremely high voter turnout, which is fixed and published on the website of the CEC in the area of the Luhansk region, is related to a failure of system administrator during the entry of these data into an appropriate system,» — said Kluyev.

In this regard, OPORA notes the need for increased attention on the part of the CEC to incidents that occur in single-member constituencies. «Yesterday’s events in district # 114 in Luhansk region showed the feasibility of more focused attention and enhanced coordination between DECs and the CEC, because, according to our observers, during the day, the OIC did not have a clear substantiated explanation from the CEC for resolution of the problem that arose with the mandate of the members of precinct election commissions»,- said Kluyev.

In his opinion, «the role of the CEC, including a public explanation could benefit the interests of the electoral process and reduce tensions that exist in the conditions of acute political struggle».

In network SUPPORT, commenting on the organization and conduct of voting in electoral district No. 114, in particular, noted that the OIC did not ensure the proper collection and publication of official information about voter turnout as of 12, 16, 20 hours and 17 July 2016. On the official web-site of the CEC’s preliminary information about the activity of voters was made public about 3:00 on July 18, the members of the Commission said the lack of sound grounds for a long delay in the direction of the CEC of the relevant data. At the same time, OPORA observers recorded that the OIC was significantly revised preliminary data on voter turnout as of 12:00 July 17, 2016. Thus, notes SUPPORT, inappropriate activities of the OIC in the sphere of informing about the activity of voters during the voting day, has created the objective conditions for mistrust of the election process of its activities. In addition, the SUPPORT reports, serious problems in the activities of the PEC district, associated with the mass substitutions in their structure and evidence of the authority of the newly appointed members of these committees were not effectively resolved by the members of the DEC # 114.

At the same time, said SUPPORT, members of district and precinct election commissions, there was a large rotation, which is offset by previous efforts to educate the members of the respective Commission. Such rotation, in particular, has led to very negative consequences in OIO No. 114 (Luhansk region), where the presentation for the replacement of PEC members was made on the last day before the voting day, and they were processed by the OIC shortly before the start of the preparatory meetings of these committees on July 17, 2016 on the day of voting, according to the network OPORA, at the polling stations EN masse, there were conflicts surrounding the authority of the commissioners of the district, if this were fixed, the organization of voting by persons whose powers have been terminated or have not yet entered into force.

As of 08:10 18 July, the Central election Commission has processed of 39.75% of the protocols on elections of people’s deputies in 7 districts.

Law enforcement agencies in Luhansk region on 17 July has begun 14 criminal proceedings on crimes related to the conduct of last Sunday’s mid-term elections of people’s deputies of Ukraine in single-mandate constituency №114 (the centre of the village Stanitsa Lugansk).

CVU and OPORA about the DEC # 114 in Luhansk oblast: the Commission sabotaged the work because of the heat and allegedly mining of the building

On constituency №114 (the centre of the village the Village Lugansk the Luhansk region) the Chairman and the majority of the members of the district election Commission with the night sabotaging the work of district election commissions (DECS) told reporters the General Director of the Committee of voters of Ukraine (CVU) Alexei Koshel.

According to him, currently under okruzhkomy brought together members of the commissions with more than 100 sites, who don’t accept the protocols with the wet seals. According to the CVU, which has information from the County, the OIC ignores the members of election commissions, the leadership of the OIC left the building under the pretext of illness, a quorum is not present – the majority of OIC members dispersed.

As reported by the CVU from the event, now in its 114th Dec, in 40-degree heat holding members, over 100 committees that came to the area to take the protocols with the wet seals. «People have not slept more than a day, some do not stand up – takes them «soon». The Deputy Chairman of the Commission refused to accept the protocols, and then under the pretext of poor health left the premises of the Commission. The quorum is also missing most of the OIC members followed the guidelines and left the room. The OIC, representing several political parties, remain indoors and insist on the continuation of the work of the Commission,» said Koshel.

CVU appealed Central election Commission to immediately intervene and stop the sabotage of the OIC members of the Commission.

The civil network OPORA reported that the district election Commission № 114 in the Luhansk region currently does not work due to lack of quorum, its work was influenced by the message on allegedly mining.

«Indeed, for the entire period was taken only from the 13th precinct election commissions (constituency 197 polling stations – ed.). At present, the Commission meeting is cancelled due to lack of quorum because some members of the Commission broke up without explanation,» — said the coordinator of the electoral programs of «OPORA» in Lugansk region Alexei Kormiletsky.

According to him, left that part of the members of the Commission, which «was more focused on the Chairman of the Commission (representative of the Opposition bloc Nedyak Andrey – ed.). Kormiletsky noted that currently other members are trying to call the others to gather a quorum.

The representative of the «Support» pointed out that currently the street near the building of Dec are the representatives of election commissions, some of them just lie on the grass, under the conditions of 40-degree heat, which is currently observed in the Luhansk region.

Kormiletsky also said that at 14.00, it was reported about allegedly mining of the building of the district Commission № 114. Arrived at the scene, rapid response teams, dog handlers, a test was conducted in which suspicious items were found. Later the police confirmed the information about the call. 14.21 in the work of the OIC was renewed.

In the midterm elections district # 114 in Luhansk oblast is the most problematic – RELIANCE 18.07.2016

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