In the Lviv region collapsed mine.

As a result of the collapse of breed on mine «Liricheskaya» SE «lvovugol» injured worker. This reports the press service of the Lviv regional state administration.

«On 25 January at 14:40 hours. in the intensive care unit Chervonohrad Central city hospital in a serious condition hospitalized krainik mine «Liricheskaya» SE «lvovugol» (Sokal district), born in 1978, resident of the village Pozdymyr Sokal district. The injury occurred as a result of caving», — stated in the message.

As noted, the condition of the victim at 06:00 hours. January 26 — stably heavy. The causes of the accident is being investigated.

We will remind, in December of 2016, there was a collapse at the mine «Central» in Donetsk region.

In the Lviv region collapsed mine. 26.01.2017

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