In the Louvre rains damaged three paintings

In the Louvre Museum in Paris due to heavy rains injured three paintings. This was reported on the official website of the Louvre.

Heavy rains were in the French capital in the night from 9 th to 10 of July and on the morning of 10 July. The Museum had to close part of the premises and to remove some of the exhibits.

After the end of the rains, the Museum staff conducted an analysis of the exhibits and found the water on the paintings «Spring» and «Autumn» from the series «the seasons» by Nicolas Poussin and the painting «the Triumph of Mordecai» by Jean-françois de Troy.

As a precaution picture was lowered from the walls and transferred to the reserve.

The Museum anticipates the report of the experts about the state of the exhibits.

Nicolas Poussin was a French painter, who stood at the origins of painting classicism.

Jean-Francois de Troy – French painter who worked in the Rococo style.

On 9 July due to heavy rains flooded in the Paris metro.

In the Louvre rains damaged three paintings 15.07.2017

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