In «the list Magnitsky» soon there will be new names — media

The U.S. state Department is working on the expansion of «Magnitsky list» of five people responsible for violations of human rights in the Russian Federation.

About it writes Bloomberg View columnist Eli lake with reference to its sources in the foreign Ministry of the USA, transfers «UKRINFORM».

«State Department officials told me that they expect the new five names, in the list of Magnitsky», — noted in his publication a political commentator.

Thus, he says, new names had to sound in the us Congress on Friday, January 29, the U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry has suspended this process, given his talks with Russian Minister Lavrov on Syria.

The adoption of the Magnitsky act by the U.S. Congress in 2012 gave an opportunity to us administration to punish Russian officials and other individuals involved in a wide range of human rights violations, the author continues. Among these is called resonance and the murder of former officer of the Russian special services of Alexander Litvinenko. The issue became more urgent last week after the official announcement of the British court in this case.

However, the analyst notes, the representatives of the state Department claim that the new extension of the Magnitsky list has nothing to do with the Litvinenko case. Nevertheless, the precedent is set, including for future administrations.

«This sort of thing should be alarming to cronies of Putin. While he is President, he enjoys sovereign immunity from such things as the Magnitsky act. However, this shield does not apply to other oligarchs,» — emphasizes the author.

Recall the «Magnitsky list» — the list of responsible for harassment, detention, torture in prison and the death of auditor Sergei Magnitsky, who discovered a fantastic theft from

In «the list Magnitsky» soon there will be new names — media 02.02.2016

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