In the Kremlin do not exclude the version of act of terrorism in the crash of an A321. «Kogalymavia» declares «mechanical action»

In the Kremlin called to wait for the first results of the investigation about the crash in Egypt, flying from St. Petersburg liner A321 and not engage in speculation, writes

«Now you cannot exclude any of the versions. And, in fact, the investigation is just beginning its work, which version will form the basis as we move investigation, we now can not say. But in any case now to articulate some preliminary guesses, any opinions, any statements on anything not based, this is totally wrong», — quotes Dmitry Peskov, press Secretary of the President, «Interfax».

«Kogalymavia»: the cause of the crash A321 in Egypt could be only the mechanical impact

So he replied to the question, whether the excluded act of terrorism in the crash.

«We should wait at least the first results of the investigative work», — said the press Secretary of the President, noting that he did not know when those results might be.

The spokesperson further told how the head of state Vladimir Putin, disappeared from view after the collapse of the A321 in the Sinai, took the incident: «Like all Russians».

«From the President was followed by, probably, the most rapid action: you know its order on the formation of the state Commission, he was constantly in contact with the heads of regions in this case — Petersburg, Novgorod, Pskov, and other regions inhabited by citizens who died in a plane crash, where their relatives», — said Peskov.

A Kremlin spokesman said on 2 November for about 12 hours Kyiv time that the Minister of transport of the Russian Federation Maxim Sokolov during the nearest hour will report to the President on the results of the Commission’s work on the crash site. At 12:20 agencies reported that the head of the Ministry of transport reported about the investigation before the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin «expressed his deepest condolences to the relatives of those killed in plane crash», as stated on the website of the Kremlin, however, about the scale of the crash of Russian aviation official appeal to the Russians and Petrograd, as St. Petersburg native, he has not performed. About the current whereabouts of the head of state is unknown.

On the recent orders of the Russian President regarding the disaster stated in two communications dated 31 October on the website of the Kremlin.

«The head of state instructed the Minister of civil defence, emergencies and elimination of consequences of natural disasters Vladimir Puchkov be referred immediately in coordination with the Egyptian side the aircraft of the emergencies Ministry in Egypt to work at the crash site of the liner. The leadership of the Ministry of emergency situations and the Ministry of health also instructed to immediately work with the relatives of the victims», — noted the press service.

On the same day Putin signed the decree «About announcement of mourning in connection with the air disaster that occurred in the Arab Republic of Egypt».

We will remind, the last time the President of the Russian Federation «disappeared» in March of this year.

Then 10 days of Putin’s absence in the public space has caused a wave of various rumors: that he had a stroke, or recovering from Botox injections, or sitting by the bedside of his alleged lover, the Olympic champion on rhythmic gymnastics Alina Kabaeva, which, according to several European Newspapers at the time gave birth in a Swiss luxury clinic. Some even believed that Putin has already died, or was deposed in a Palace coup. When on 16 March, the President «showed up», commenting on the rumors about his poor health, replied in a joking manner: «Without gossip would be boring.»

As wrote to The Times with reference to sources in Russian military intelligence, «the Russian culture of politics and leadership is underdeveloped and unable to recognize any diseases or weaknesses of the Russian leader».

According to the journalist, an independent military observer Pavel Felgengauer, which he expressed in a broadcast on Sky News, Vladimir Putin has always «disappear» when things go really bad: so it was with the submarine «Kursk», in exactly the same situation after the disaster of the A321, he was quoted OU RT «Inotv.»

According to the journalist, the Russian state is actively considering a version of a technical problem on the flight KGL9268, avoiding public statements that the disaster could be a result of terrorist activities or other crimes.

Asked the host about why Putin these days has not made any public statements, Felgenhauer noted that «it’s his distinctive trait: when things go really bad, he disappears.»

«For example, after the tragedy with the submarine «Kursk» in 2000, he did not make public statements for quite a long time. So you are right, if Putin is not visible, then things are very serious,» said a Russian commentator.

«Kogalymavia»: the cause of the crash A321 in Egypt could be only the mechanical impact

The only reason for the A321 plane crash in Egypt on October 31 could be a mechanical effect in the air, by itself, the liner to collapse could not. This was stated at a press conference Aleksandr Smirnov, Deputy General Director on flight work of airline «Kogalymavia», which belonged to the crashed airliner.

To clarify, what «mechanical action» was going on, Smirnov did not. He stressed that it needs to figure out the Commission. System check eliminate the possibility of the development of «fatigue cracks» on the aircraft, reports TASS words of the representative of the company. The carrier also stressed that there was no failure of systems could not lead to the destruction of the plane in the air.

«We completely rule out a technical fault of the aircraft and an error of pilots,» — said Smirnov.

Note that at the same time in «Kogalymavia» confirm the existence of the plane damaging the tail section in the past. The airline also did not deny the existence of salary arrears to its employees, emphasizing that the carrier generally has no economic problems that could impact on safety.

According to the manual «Kogalymavia», at the beginning of disastrous situation, the A321 crew completely lost control of the aircraft.

«It was uncontrollable flight», — said the representative of the carrier, answering the question about the controllability of the aircraft in the last seconds before the crash.

In addition, a single attempt to communicate and report emergency situations on Board was not. Previously this was stated by an informed source «Interfax» in Cairo. We will remind, at last session of a radio communication commander of the flight requested an emergency landing at the airport of the Egyptian capital.

«At the start of the catastrophic development of the situation, the crew completely lost his working capacity. This may explain the fact that there was no attempt to communicate and report emergency situations on Board,» said Deputy General Director of the airline Viktor Jung.

The company also said that employees «Kogalymavia» have already been questioned as witnesses about the plane crash, reports RIA «Novosti».

As the correspondent of radio station «Moscow speaking» in his Twitter, the Russian Investigative Committee have confiscated documents that relate to the organization of the flight A321. The representative of tourholding assured that the reasons for suspension of operations is not, and investigative activities do not interfere with the work of the company. In turn, the Deputy General Director said that the company sees no risk of revocation of the license of the operator.

According to Deputy General Director on flight work organization of the company, crashed A321 was in excellent condition, and for the last five flights, no comments in the flight log from the crew of the A321 to problems with the aircraft.

In «Kogalymavia» stressed that the A321 was in the middle of the life cycle and was quite suitable for flying. The airline has promised to pay compensation, the amount of which is not yet established, and to assume all expenses for the funeral of the dead crew members.

In the Internet appeared the video, which shows how the Russian ship allegedly lights up in the air and falls. The management of «Kogalymavia» doubted its authenticity, reports RBC.

Deputy Director of the air carrier for flight operations Alexei Smirnov said: «Nothing is out, but the footage that appeared on the Internet, we believe that it is a fake».

Flight companies «Kogalymavia» KGL9268 EN route to St. Petersburg from Sharm El-Sheikh, crashed shortly after departure in the North Egyptian Sinai Peninsula. On Board the A321 aircraft were 224 people — 217 passengers, including 25 children, and seven crew members. They all died. Almost all the victims are Russians. Also on Board were four citizens of Ukraine and one passenger from Belarus.

Officially, the cause of the crash has not yet named. Experts believe that the cause of the crash A321 could become explosive depressurization of the cabin, and called the basic version of the tragedy. According to the newspaper «Kommersant», who arrived at the crash site of the liner of airline «Kogalymavia» the experts found that the plane came apart in mid-air.

Another possible reason for the failure. experts believe fatigue crack. As it turned out, in 2001, when the plane still belonged to «Kogalymavia», when landing in Cairo, he hit his tail on the runway of the airport, leading to disruption of the geometry of the structure. All defects were resolved, but it is possible that the problem manifested itself later.

Version about the damage to the tail is consistent with telemetry data published in the website Flightradar24, which monitors data from the transponders of aircraft. For this indication, the flight from Sharm El-Sheikh, gaining altitude, began a sharp decline and literally stuck in the ground. On the eve of the rescuers at the crash site also said that initial inspection showed that the plane went into the ground vertically. It was also reported that the tail of crashed plane found eight kilometres from side. Experts in the aviation industry pointed out that, according to pilots at the last minute had to fight with the aircraft, which was out of control.

The third possible cause of the explosive decompression experts call faulty engine. In the case of non-localized destruction of the turbine detached from her shoulder blades, according to experts, fly out with great speed. Moving in one plane, they could’ve cut the wing and the fuselage of the liner.

Note that the background of this the largest by quantity of victims of a plane crash in the history of Soviet and Russian passenger aircraft looks strange and incomprehensible silence of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who had «expressed their deepest condolences to the relatives of the victims in the crash», according to the press service of the Kremlin, however, has not considered it necessary to appeal personally to the Russian people over the tragedy. About Putin’s current whereabouts is not known, but their latest disaster instructions he gave, as follows from the materials on the website of the Kremlin, back in the day of the tragedy.

In the Kremlin do not exclude the version of act of terrorism in the crash of an A321. «Kogalymavia» declares «mechanical action» 02.11.2015

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