In the Kiev region 4 shepherd bitten to death by ATO, who defended a woman

In the Kiev region in the village of Boryspil district Kuchakov four dogs bitten to death a man.

As the press service of the regional police, the tragedy occurred on Saturday, January 7, morning. Four animals had damaged the cage bars, ran outside and rushed the passer. From the received traumas the man died.

At the scene immediately came investigative team of Boryspil police together with handlers of the Main Directorate of police of Kiev region veterinary service.

Dogs killed. The bodies of animals sent to veterinary examination.

On this fact initiated criminal proceedings under article 115 of the Criminal code of Ukraine. The investigation is ongoing. Set all the circumstances of the incident.

At the same time, volunteer Svetlana Shapovalova wrote in Facebook that the victim was a member of the ATO Vladimir Tomilin and said that he killed 4 German shepherds.

According to her, survived by two small children, wife and disabled mother.

[Also reported that the Chairman of village Council Kuchkova refused to help in the removal of the body of the deceased, citing a lack of money. Vladimir was registered in the Darnytsia district of Kyiv.

At the same time, as reports a press-service of the Kiev regional state administration, Tomilin the cost of their lives defended the woman.

«Today around 6 am in the village Kuchakov in the territory of garden cooperative on the man and woman who were on the train, was attacked by 4 East-European shepherd. 40 year-old Vladimir Tomilin, member of the ATO, the cost of their lives defended the woman, covering her from the dogs, and forced to flee,» the statement reads.

The press service of the regional state administration notes that the screams of the men, one of the neighbors ran out and shot one of the dogs, thereby expelling others.

Angry villagers attempted lynching of a 60-year-old owner of the dog, which had previously ignored the requests of the villagers to protect them from dangerous animals.

Police have classified the case as accidental attempted murder.

Chairman of the Kyiv regional state administration Alexander Gorgan took this case under his personal control.

In the Kiev region 4 shepherd bitten to death by ATO, who defended a woman 08.01.2017

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