In the Kharkiv region for the first time took place the transfer from the Moscow Patriarchate in Kiev in the Ternopil region — help «Right sector»

In Buhaivka village of Izum district in the Kharkiv region, the local community came from the Moscow Patriarchate and joined the UOC-KP. About this on their page
Facebook said the priest Ilya Zelensky.

«The village community pointed to the door of the Moscow Patriarchate. On 9 February the Assembly of the village community, and the next day the Bishop of the Izyum diocese located in the Kharkiv region, Elisha (Ivanov) pack their bags», he said.

Zelensky added that the priests of the MP came for my things in the Mercedes and two jeeps.

«The temple opened, learned that they could carry, and ran off. The village community chose the Kyiv Patriarchate,» he said.

«This is the first case in Kharkiv oblast for the years of independence of Ukraine!» — wrote the priest.

In addition, the public «the Right sector. Ternopil region» declares the first solemn services of the newly formed churches of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Kyiv Patriarchate in the village Kotiuzhyny on Baracine that took place on Sunday, 12 February 2017.

It is noted that yesterday at the General village meeting, the parishioners made a conscious choice in favor of the Ukrainian Church.

«Oddly enough, given the previous experience, this time everything went without clashes and conflicts with a party of the believers of the Church Kirill (the head of the Russian Orthodox Church Kirill gundyaeva — ed.). Probably, the presence of fighters of «Right sector», who took part in the Service of God, stimulated them to non-contentious», — stated in the message.

It is also noted that «given recent events in Ukraine, the Moscow Church, having anti-Ukrainian character, has lost its strong position in the religious life of the Ukrainians, where many communities have moved or in the process of transition in the Ukrainian Church.»

At the same time on the official website of the delegation of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine, the believers of the Kyiv Patriarchate and the «protectorates» are called «raiders».

Recall, the MP in Ukraine has the full support of the Russian oligarch Vadim Novinsky, who, after obtaining Ukrainian citizenship elected to the Verkhovna Rada and now enjoys parliamentary immunity.

According to media reports, with the support of the Novinsky this religious denomination after the victory of the revolution of Dignity and beginning of Russian armed invasion was headed by Orest Berezovsky (Onufry), known for its pronounced anti-Ukrainian political position.

As stated by Bishop Alexander drabynko, Novinsky also actively prevents the formation of a single Local Church, trying to weaken the influence of the Pro-Ukrainian faction within the UOC-MP.

In the Kharkiv region for the first time took place the transfer from the Moscow Patriarchate in Kiev in the Ternopil region — help «Right sector» 12.02.2017

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