In the Internet appeared the video, as the militants detained in Lugansk Pro-Ukrainian blogger

In occupied Luhansk detained a well-known local blogger, who critically wrote in social networks about the situation in «Republic». Reports of this spread, first in social networks and subsequently confirmed the detention of the occupation administration ORLO.

In particular, according to the so-called «MGB» terrorist organization «LNR» detained blogger under the name «Edward Ned» in social networks «distributed materials which are classified by experts as an extremist», reports «UKRINFORM».

The blogger, whose real name is Edward Nadeljaevdragged «strong ties» with members of the Ukrainian security forces and battalion «Aydar», which does not exist anymore.

In addition, the collaborators report the detection of «on the flats» of Lugansk region «large sums of money», which, in the opinion of the separatists, it was intended to conduct destructive work» in the occupied part of Lugansk region.

The video of the arrest was shown a barn-workshop, filled with various items for working with electronics.

«The discovered devices, materials and equipment, which can be used for surveillance, remote control devices and data transfer, for example, the coordinates» — says the voice-over.

Meanwhile, as reported by the inhabitants of Lugansk in social networks, blogger detained only for the fact that he occasionally wrote on his Facebook page about the city life and not afraid to Express a Pro-Ukrainian position.

On the user page, Edward Ned does have a lot of Pro-Ukrainian publications, Lugansk region expressed their views on the situation in the occupied Luhansk and Russia.

In addition, the page notes that Nadeljaev is an entrepreneur, engaged in designing of radio equipment. Also listed the address of his personal website, where the author sets their own electronic projects that you can use for free.

Recall that the militants «DND» announced «public hunting» for media and bloggers in 2014, and has threatened the physical destruction of 15 Ukrainian journalists.

In the Internet appeared the video, as the militants detained in Lugansk Pro-Ukrainian blogger 30.11.2016

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