In the Internet appeared the «bounty hunters» scams and scammers

The interior Ministry sounding the alarm — in Ukraine, a growing number of fraudsters who, posing as sellers, on the Internet non-existent goods. According to the head of the Department of postal and telecommunications, Ministry of internal Affairs Sergey Demediuk, now unlike past years, among all Internet crimes 60% — so selling non-existent goods, writes «Today».

One of the last high-profile revelations occurred recently in the capital. Cybercop caught 29-year-old citizen, who is suspected that has created a network of Internet shops of children’s goods, demanded an advance payment in the amount of 400 UAH, and after receiving the money on my card disappeared.

«Over the last six months on some online stores, the police received dozens of complaints. It is established that all these online stores were detained, which according to preliminary estimates cheated more than hundred people, — reported in the Department of cyber police. — She lured buyers promotional prices that are much lower than the market offered a large discount. Open criminal proceedings under article «Fraud», the suspect faces up to eight years in prison.»

The police assume that the number of defrauded customers is much higher — so on his official page in Facebook cybercop published the names of the fake online stores and credit card numbers suspect. All the victims who had transferred money to their respective rooms, please contact the police.

When the police complain that many of these «sellers of air» after the arrest will still be free.

«Those we have arrested almost every day. But the law and jurisprudence is still loyal to these criminals. Sometimes, even being under investigation, suspects are committing fraud. And one of the residents of Brovary, we were detained four times, but real life she got, because she has three children. Moreover, caught, and then released the suspects become more sophisticated. After all, they already know about as we find them,» says Demeduk.

At the same time, rampant Internet fraud has created and those who would like to earn… on the scammers. In social networks there were announcements that the authors offer for a fee to find someone who took the victim’s money, but goods not sent. We called on one of these ads, posing as the victims of Scam and wish to calculate the real name of the offender. According to legend, reporters have transferred the money to the seller new washing machine, and eventually left without money and item.

«I am a hacker, ready to undertake the search, but three weeks later, when released from prison, told us the «specials» presented by Alexander. Now I have no computer only a phone that is difficult to perform a number of operations, so like it or not, but will have to wait.»

To the question, what is the guarantee that the crook will be found, Alexander explained that mobile phone numbers are often tied to the page in social networks — this makes it easier to «hunt».

«Hack the page helps me cousin, he has connections in the security services, said a hacker.

According to Alexander, he learned the real name of the scammer begins to «terrorize» him: send messages to your friends, looking up dirt on him. «Sooner or later the crook calls me and offers to pay off, says expert. — Then I call the amount that he hurt the victim.»

Despite the fact that in your «advertising» ad Alexander pointed out that takes 1% of the amount repaid, in conversation, he admitted that there are times when he takes charge not only information about the fraud.

«If I find out that he swindled you out of 10 Grand, and it accounts for 100 thousand, then I’m sorry, 90 thousand I’ll take as dividends. And I, and in this case, the criminals, — he concluded. — I’m curious and like to punish the villains who cheat ordinary people. To some extent I consider myself Robin hood.» And concluded that as a guarantee does not require applicant to it of payment.

The national police on the issue of fighters with scammers is strictly warned that such people also should be wary. «This kind of assistance is illegal and there is no guarantee that «Robin hood» will not undertake then to blackmail the victims again,» say the cops.

In Ukraine there are more online communities, forums where victims lay out the passport details and card numbers scams. Do this in order that others will not fall for the tricks of criminals. As told in Kiev, a similar service on their official website. In other words, going to you can enter a phone number or card seller. If he was in sight of the police — his data is on this website.

Previously it was also reported that cases of fraud in the currency exchange.

In the Internet appeared the «bounty hunters» scams and scammers 30.01.2017

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