In the interests of oil companies in the U.S. watched ban Ki moon, Merkel and Netanyahu — WikiLeaks

Portal WikiLeaks has published information, according to which the national security Agency (NSA) USA tapped world leaders in the interests of their oil companies.

Among those who were under surveillance were the key people in world politics. In particular, the NSA had bugged the UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and other, reports

Carefully American intelligence watched the meeting between ban Ki-moon and Angela Merkel is dedicated to the fight against climate change. Also auditioned the meeting between Netanyahu and former Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi, during which Israeli politician was asked to help a colleague to establish contact with the American President Barack Obama. Also in the secret documents mentioned a meeting of Berlusconi with former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, during which the latter foretells the imminent collapse of the Italian banking system.

The statement highlighted that some data have the highest status of secrecy of all that were ever published by WikiLeaks.

«Today we showed how private meetings of the UN Secretary General on the world climate may be monitored by country, protecting the interests of its largest oil companies. Will be very interesting to watch the reaction of the UN, because if the Secretary-General may become a victim of wiretapping, and any other person from a world leader to the janitor,» — commented the publication of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Note that at the end of December, newspaper the Wall Street Journal, citing former and serving us officials, said that the NSA continued to secretly listen to the conversations of heads of friendly States, despite this the President Barack Obama’s promise to stop spying.

The newspaper’s sources claimed that the NSA has tapped the telephone conversations Netanyahu with U.S. congressmen and members of Jewish organizations in the United States. According to the sources, especially active wiretapping was in preparation for a nuclear agreement with Iran, the signing of which resisted Netanyahu. The intercepted conversations showed how Netanyahu and his advisers discussed with Jewish groups in the U.S. the arguments against the nuclear deal.

We will remind, loud scandal connected with accusations about the NSA total surveillance of citizens and leaders from different countries, broke out in 2013 after the revelations made by a former employee of the Agency Edward Snowden. The information transferred to them by the press, has caused a powerful public resonance and has complicated U.S. relations with allies.

U.S. President Barack Obama then announced the tapering of its program of listening of telephone conversations of leaders of friendly States. The Obama administration has been formed a list of leaders that cannot be tapped. It included French President Francois Hollande, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other leaders of NATO countries, excluding Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

In the interests of oil companies in the U.S. watched ban Ki moon, Merkel and Netanyahu — WikiLeaks 23.02.2016

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