In the Himalayas injured climber from Odessa

The ascent team of climbers from Odessa to the top of AMA Dablam (6814 m) was not without incident. The team leader Yuri Kirichenko in one day from the top of a concussion of the brain, he writes in his blog.

The cause of the injury was a broken piece of ice. From hitting Yuri lost consciousness. After first aid and self-diagnosis, a decision was made to evacuate. On the morning of the climber by the rope pulled the helicopter. Given the height and proximity of the slope, special attention is given the skill of the pilot.

It successfully evacuated and was discharged from the hospital in Kathmandu.

«The team worked smoothly, the evacuation was normal. In the future, the team
continued motion, and by evening of the same day came out on top,» — concluded Yuri Kirichenko.

Recall that in may Ukrainian Irina Galai first conquered the Everest.

In the Himalayas injured climber from Odessa 21.11.2016

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