In the French Toulouse accidentally found a forgotten painting by Caravaggio

Written about 400 years ago a painting by the Italian painter Michelangelo Caravaggiomay have been found in the attic of a house in France.

About it reports » Interfax» with reference to ABC News.

French critics said that the long-lost masterpiece was discovered in the attic of the house in Toulouse, southwestern France. The picture was found by accident — the owner of the house, wanting to understand, from where water drips from the ceiling, climbed to the attic, where it had never been. There he saw an old picture, which depicted a biblical scene: the Jewish widow Judith decapitating the Assyrian commander Holofernes.

According to experts, the find can be dated to the year 1600 and belong to the brush of Caravaggio.

Italian painter wrote two versions of «Judith. The beheading of Holofernes» based on the old Testament deuterocanonical «Book of Judith». One of them is exhibited in the National gallery of ancient art in Rome, while the other disappeared after about 100 years after it was written.

The French critic Eric Turquin, restavriroval the first version, noted that the state finds are great, especially considering the circumstances in which it was located. He thought about the picture just forgot. As told by the owners of the house, their ancestors settled there in the mid-19th century.

Critics praised the picture was found in 120 million euros (about 135 million).

Experts still doubt about the authorship of the work, but the fact that they released this information, said that the doubts are small, notes the newspaper, The Local.

Earlier it was reported that under the picture «Black square» by Kazimir Malevich, which is exhibited in the Tretyakov gallery in Moscow, recently found another image.

In the French Toulouse accidentally found a forgotten painting by Caravaggio 12.04.2016

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