In the European Parliament say that the UK’s membership of the EU hangs in the balance

The terms of Britain’s membership in the EU is not yet agreed upon, and the fate of the historic deal that would give the chance to the Kingdom to remain in the EU hangs in the balance. This follows from the results of the meetings that Prime Minister David Cameron held Tuesday, February 16, with the leaders of the European Parliament in Brussels.

«The European Union most certainly has never been in such a dramatic situation as this week,» said European Parliament President Martin Schulz at a press conference after meeting with British Prime Minister, reports «Interfax».

He recalled that «discussed the compromise with powerful government that has veto power in the UN Security Council».

«We want to see Britain remain in the EU,» said Schulz.

According to him, the EP has a lot of points for concern about the conditions of London, and he himself does not guarantee that the Assembly will adopt some laws going to meet British requirements.

«There is no point in the transaction, which will lead to the destruction of the structure of the EU — continued Schultz. Is not charge and also the interests of the UK. Today’s conversation with Prime Minister Cameron, I believe positive. He clearly pointed to the fact that we are talking about answers to specific British issues and in any case not about weakening the EU. We want to mutually reinforce each other».

«The European Parliament insists that whatever has happened should be within the framework of the Treaty (of the EU) and no variation of the Contract is not yet possible,» — said the head of the European Parliament.

One of the most important elements of concern to MEPs, is the future of the Eurozone and its relations with countries retaining national currencies.
«No country, including Britain, cannot be discriminated against in the single market due to the fact that it is not included in the Euro area», — said Schultz, adding that relations within a single market should be based on mutual respect and constructed in the framework of the Treaty.

But the preservation of the single market must be ensured also for financial and banking institutions. The European Parliament is concerned about the future of the banking Union and the role of financial institutions in the single market of the EU.

«Most important for the European Parliament the element is to future changes in the Contract are not dictated by specific threats to the UK and walked in the direction of further strengthening of the Union», — said M. Schulz, adding that in the future the Contract may change, for example, in terms of strengthening economic and monetary Union.

With regard to the issue of access of workers from other EU countries to British social benefits and free movement of labour within the EU, it is one of the most complex issues.

«I made it clear to the Prime Minister that the European Parliament promises to be constructive, as far as necessary and possible. But I cannot give assurances about future legislation… In response to a request from the Prime Minister about the maximum cooperation of the European Parliament, I promised that we will do everything we can to find a fair solution,» said Schulz.

As reported earlier today, the head of the European Council Donald Tusk believes that in the case of a decision of Britain to leave the EU, the Union would face a real risk of collapse.

Earlier, British Prime Minister David Cameron asked Brussels to make a number of concessions before the referendum on membership of Britain in EU.

London insists on concessions that relate to including the abolition of benefits to labor migrants from EU countries.

Britain also wished to place legally contained in the EU documents, the wording about the movement towards «ever closer Union» does not mean the EU countries ‘ commitments to move toward closer political integration.

The reviewers suggest that Cameron will officially announce the referendum for 22 January, after the EU summit on 18-19 February, at which EU leaders are expected to approve a package of compromises between Britain and the rest of the Union.

The referendum, as analysts suggest, will be scheduled for June 23.

In the European Parliament say that the UK’s membership of the EU hangs in the balance 16.02.2016

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