In the European Parliament Mogherini asking for help to free Sushchenko

MEPs called on the high representative of the Union for foreign Affairs and security policy Mogherini with the request to assist in solving the case of stolen in Moscow the journalist «UKRINFORM» Roman Sushchenko. The text of the letter dated 7 November 2016, published in his Twitter lawyer mark Feigin.

«We, the members of the European Parliament and members of the EU group «Friends of Ukraine in the EU» call for the release of sushchanka and ask You, High representative of the European Union, to call for his release and to demand from Russia to respect the rights of Ukrainian citizens,» the letter reads.

The letter, signed by MEPs Natalie Griesbeck, the task of Austrevicius, Simantam the Balcytis, Michael Boni, Anna Maria Corazza Bildt, mark Demesmaeker, Anna Pothigai, Anna-Maria Gomez and Tunne Kelam, stating that the Russian government is September 30, was illegally detained in its territory of the Ukrainian journalist Sushchenko. «30 Sep Roman Sushchenko was arrested by the Russian authorities during his private visit to Moscow. From the moment of arrest contained in an insulator «Lefortovo» on charge in espionage» — describe MEPs chronicle of detention Sushchenko.

At the same time, they insist that the arrest Sushchenko and the charges against him are completely «unjustified and arbitrary». «We are shocked by this arrest and we are concerned about the increase in unlawful arrests and illegal detention in Russia,» said the MEPs.

According to them, the case against Sushchenko is nothing other than «illegal act against Ukrainian citizens by the Russian Federation».

According to deputies, detention Sushchenko is another example of the policy of intimidation and harassment, which carries out the Russian Federation.

MEPs warn that it Sushchenko should be an exciting signal for any potential visitor to Russia, «where everyone can be accused of espionage and arrested.»

Help. Kidnapping Sushchenko Moscow

On October 2, members of the Public monitoring Commission of Moscow found the employee of the Agency «UKRINFORM» Sushchenko in «Lefortovo», which Lefortovo court of Moscow arrested on charges of «espionage» (article 276 of the criminal code). He was there roughly from September 30.

Sushchenko works in «UKRINFORM» in 2002, a correspondent for Agency France — from 2010.

On 3 October, the Agency called the detention Sushchenko «planned provocation» and said that the journalist arrived in Moscow on a private visit because he was on vacation and was going to visit relatives living there: «we Emphasize that the novel at the time of arrest was on vacation and arrived in Moscow in the private sector. He was detained in Moscow on the day of arrival and in violation of all international rules of his detention, the Russian side has not informed neither his wife nor diplomatic establishments or at the place of work. About the detention of the Novel his wife Angela Sushchenko, which remains in France, only found out on Sunday morning, October 2, call the in-laws after two days he was not contacted. However, his relatives spoke very carefully, hints, avoiding even the word «detained».

Specializing in the defense of Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia lawyer Nikolai Polozov qualified Sushchenko detention as a «kidnapping».

Ministry of information policy of Ukraine immediately confirmed the information about detention of the journalist Sushchenko. The Ministry noted that the legal Department collects all the necessary information regarding the circumstances and reasons for detention. But the FSB said that the Ukrainian journalist Sushchenko — allegedly a «personnel officer» Ukrainian military intelligence Gur in the rank of «Colonel», to collect secret information on Russian armed forces and the newly established Putin’s «guard»: «a criminal case under article «Espionage». The fact of the arrest of the FSB do not see anything special: «the Usual work of the security services».

In the Gur has denied accusations of the FSB, noting that it was «absolutely untrue».

Later it became known that the Russian court arrested Sushchenko for two months.

In the European Parliament Mogherini asking for help to free Sushchenko 11.11.2016

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