In the Donetsk region died from influenza 27 people

In the Donetsk region with the beginning of 2016 from the flu died 27 people, reported the press service of the Donetsk regional state administration.

«Since the beginning of year in area registered 27 deaths from pneumonia and laboratory-confirmed by isolation of the virus of influenza a, including 26 cases caused by influenza A virus (H1 pdm09), also known as the virus of flu A/H1N1 California pandemic variant. All the dead had no vaccinations against influenza,» — said in the message.

It is also reported that from 8 to 14 February in Donetsk region registered 9301 case of flu and acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI).

The incidence rate per 10 thousand population is 47.0, which is 23.1% lower than the previous week and below the epidemiological threshold of 45.7%.

Recall, according to the Ministry of health in Ukraine from flu have died 273 persons, of which 4 were children under the age of 17.

In the Donetsk region died from influenza 27 people 15.02.2016

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