In the Donbass stopped by another Russian gumanoy

In the State border service say that once again the border guards had not inspected the humanitarian convoy, which the Russians, in violation of all international norms sent through Ukraine uncontrolled sections of the border. About this «Ukrainian truth» was declared by the assistant to the head of the state border service Oleg Slobodyan.

According to him, Russians «unilaterally issued vehicle in violation of international norms about the direction of humanitarian aid».

«With 5:55 to 7:10 through the uncontrolled border crossing points Donetsk and Matveev Kurgan entered 47 cars. A characteristic feature that the note from the Russian foreign Ministry stated about 40 cars,» – said Slobodyan.

He added that Ukrainian border guards did not participate in the inspection of vehicles, since Russia has violated international norms, but «visually, they were able to establish that most of the trucks were allegedly the products – they were 27 and 9 with with medication.»

However, Slobodyan have suggested that these «humanitarian convoys» Russia is trying to «keep a good mine at bad game», because Ukraine and other international organizations imported to the Donbass much more humanitarian assistance.

«Every day we have delivered tones of humanitarian cargo: and the Red cross, and international volunteer organizations. This type of aid at times exceed the volumes transported in these «fake humanitarian convoys» from Russia», – said Slobodyan.

The question is whether the information that the Russians imported arms in humanitarian convoys, and are best if they are to use trains, Slobodyan said

«It is more imminent question to the WTP. But to do it through humanitarian convoys to the Russians now is impractical. We have 409 km border that are not controlled by us and through them the Russians can bring and weapons and different equipment.»

In the Donbass stopped by another Russian gumanoy 24.11.2016

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