In the Donbass killed more than 2 thousand Russians — volunteers

In the Donbass killed more than 2 thousand citizens of the Russian Federation, among them — journalists and the military in Russia. About it write «news of Donbass» with reference to the group of volunteers «Cargo-200 from Ukraine to Russia» in Facebook.

Updated list, compiled by volunteers, contains 2081 name. It is noted that for the volunteers it is known about the burial 649 Russian soldiers who took part in the fighting in the Donbass, and the circumstances under which they died.

Information about an additional 194 the citizens specified volunteers.

Among the 12 journalists killed, all but one were members of Russian or separatist media.

In turn, the press Secretary of the President Svyatoslav Tsegolko announced the list of Russian citizens who died during the conflict in the Donbas. A message posted on his Twitter page.

«The volunteers in the Donbass died 2 081 citizen of the Russian Federation», — wrote Tsigalko and gave a link to the list of victims, compiled by the organization «Cargo-200 from Ukraine to Russia».

Earlier, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine published data, according to which since the start of Russian aggression killed more than 2600 of the Ukrainian military personnel and more than 9,000 were injured.

During the conflict in Eastern Ukraine were killed 9 167 thousand persons, 21 thousand wounded 44 people, according to the report on the observance of human rights in Ukraine Management of the UN high Commissioner for human rights (OHCHR).

In the Donbass killed more than 2 thousand Russians — volunteers 06.03.2016

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